How Does Your Garden Grow? In a Greenhouse of Course! #HDYGG

How does your garden grow planted seeds

So How Does your Garden Grow??? Well ours NOW grows in a Greenhouse!

Daulton, my oldest son has been taking a deep interest in the garden lately which has stemmed from him asking me why im snapping pictures of our flowers and even weeds. Which of course im snapping away to take part in Annie’s How does your Garden Grow? Linky every thursday. Hes been out in the Garden watering the plants, de-weeding and cutting all the stray grass that the lawnmower cant reach.

So whilst we were out at the shops the other day he just popped out with, “can i have a greenhouse to grow my own fruit and vegetables?”, i was stunned it wasn’t like him, he likes to be a hermit and if we allowed him to play on the Xbox for the rest of his life he probably would!. So i replied with yes of course.

How does your garden grow in a greenhouse
Here is our little Greenhouse, we did spot one in The Range for £39.99, a quick google on our phones found an identical one in Pound Stretchers for £14.99!!! Can you Guess where we bought it from? lol

how does your garden grow herbs

I bought some lovely smelly herb shrubs, Lavender, Thyme and Primrose… They smell absolutely gorgeous, I’ve kept them in the greenhouse until i decide where to put them .

how does your garden grow watercress

So in the big pot at the left we have Watercress ( i figured getting him some watercress would be good, as there seem to grow fairly quick, so will give some quick reward for his efforts)

In the Trays we have alsort, Peppers, Tomato and some beans (cant remember for the life of me what exactly there were lol)

how does your garden grow lettuce and strawberries

In the trays we have lettuce, carrots and something else haha (its a good job we like surprises)

In the big pots to the right we have Strawberry plants, i hope we planted them the right way up :/ I think we will have to move these shortly as our next door neighbour who is quite handy with greenhouse and growing tomato’s etc, suggested to grow them in the garden but cover with netting. So we may do this at the weekend :).

How does your garden grow macro primrose shot

Last week i mentioned about buying some Macro lens for my DSLR camera, i was hoping that they would of arrived in time for last weeks linky, but there didnt… When they did arrive, i couldnt wait to get out in the garden and test them out and here is one of my photos, i love how close i could get! and here is another that i used for #MySundayPhoto….

#MySundayPhoto #SilentSunday Its a Bug Life

When i took the photo i didnt see this little guy just sitting there, it wasnt untill i plugged my SDCard into the computer and looked through the pictures, here he pops up.. Now im aware that this little guy isnt as cute as i may first of though as i think hes a Aphid? and likes to attack growing Fruit and Vegetables… But hes my 1st little bug to appear in my photos so ill let him off 🙂

So how does your Garden Grow? Got any tips on how to successfully make these seeds grow? (im pretty useless lol)

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10 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow? In a Greenhouse of Course! #HDYGG

  1. first time mummy

    Our garden is a mess at the moment as it’s so boggy meaning it’s hard to even cut the grass 🙁 can’t wait to get working on it this summer and get it looking nice! 🙂

  2. jane at the flight platform

    oh my goodness look at that macro lens in action! superb! isnt it fabulous when the kids take an interest in gardening! You have given me the best idea, my daughter is 7 next month and i have no idea what to get her but she has been wanting to be more involved in the garden i may just follow your lead here and give her her own growing space xxxxxx

  3. Emma Greenwood

    Cant wait to see what pops out of the containers. So nice your son is taking an interest in growing things, will be nice to eat all of the things.

  4. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    ooohhh that lil guy is so cute! Sorry no garden tips as I am not good with gardening! Your flowers are looking good. I am struggling with my macro lens but mostly its my cams its too old. Your shots are awesome =) #HDYGG

  5. emma

    Gosh – lucky we can’t see all the bugs and beasties that are around!
    Looking forward to watching your greenhouse seeds grow and flourish – good luck with it!
    Emma 🙂

  6. The Reading Residence

    That looks great and a bargain, too! It’s so lovely when kids take an interest like this.

  7. Stephanie

    I start with good intentions of labelling the varieties of things I grow, but then I move the trays to water them or pot plants on and they get all jumbled up. It’s at that point I start to grow my special crop named “lucky dip” – and mostly it works out in the end!

    Good luck with your growing!

  8. Mammasaurus

    Ah it great that he’s showing an interest, in my experience they show even more interest when things that can be eaten start to grow 😉 Nice bargain on the greenhouse, I’ve been hankering one myself. Smashing close up of the buggly thingy!

    Thanks for joining in again xx


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