How Does your Garden Grow? I got New Plants #HDYGG

How does your garden grow new plants

So here is my weekly round up of How Does Your Garden Grow… Ive replanted some more trees in the Holes where my previous trees were stolen from, you can read about that (HERE).

As i suspected 1 out of my new 3 trees that ive planted has decided to wither away :(, ive kept it in hoping that it may just decide to grow, as the back is still lovely and green (maybes im just kidding myself?), any ideas how i can sort of make it all come back green again?

how does your garden grow - bulb

Heres a poor bulb that was once in the soil, not sure if the kids, the dog or a garden visitor has dug this poor thing up, but I’ve re-planted it AGAIN, fingers crossed its left alone this time.

How does your Garden Grow - Hyacinths

So the other week i was really excited that my bulbs had popped through but i couldn’t remember what i had actually planted as i lost the little plastic card thing they came with :/ But after browsing Mr Google, i think they are Hyacinths? I cant wait till there come up even more.

how does your garden grow - Lily

Yay i got New Plants!!!… I love Lily’s i use to have a white peace lily in the kitchen until it decided to die :(… so I’ve got high hopes for these!

Hows does your garden grow - blank canvas

So here’s my Back Garden as it is right now… Its HUGE and its totally blank, which i guess is pretty good as it does have alot of potential, i really fancy moving that Trampoline and putting a Wooden Cabin/Summer House just for me! (Yeh right, if only!)

Our Garden hasn’t always been like this though, See the Below Picture

Heres Before:

garden before

This is how our Garden looked like when we bought our house!!!, the amount of concrete, rubbish and endless amounts of carpet that we dug out and removed was horrendous, it took 4 HUGE skips to get rid of it all… Then decided to Turf it… I must get some more colour out there!

16 thoughts on “How Does your Garden Grow? I got New Plants #HDYGG

  1. charmaine

    wow, what a transformation from when you bought the house! our garden was pretty overgrown when we bought the house and we’ve cleared most of that, but we still have a huge concrete ‘patio’ to remove… I’m thinking if I pretend it isn’t there I won’t have to deal with it!

  2. Amanda

    What a wonderful transformation, and you’re right a Summer House would be perfect at the back.
    I’m terrible at forgetting what I plant, but it does make for nice surprises!

  3. Gemma

    Such a transformation in your garden compared to the ‘before’ photo. Could it be that your withering trees need a feed or are sitting in very wet soil? Hooray for new plants 🙂

    1. Leanne

      I havent fed them to be honest, i have watered them when we did have a dry spell, but since then all its done is rain 🙁 so maybes there too wet :/

  4. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    Wow what a difference with the two pictures.

    A summer house and some hanging baskets would look amazing.

  5. Notmyyearoff

    Wow it looks completely transformed and so lovely now. Ours needs a bit of work still, especially with all the weeds between the flagstones.

  6. Philippa Tyrer

    You’ve done so much with your garden, it looks fab! Not sure about your tree – I’ve managed to lose one this week too and its been there ages! Hopefully it’ll come back by itself.

  7. Claudia

    it has definitely come along way. a bit envious of your green grass. i would keep that tree in a bit longer. sometimes plants go into a bit of shock when they are first re-planted

  8. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Whoa thats massive development! Your garden might look bare to you but to me it is nice. I dont even have a garden =P


  9. krissottoh

    Quite amazing before and after transformation! Congrete to green. Looks like a great place for kids to play in.

  10. Charly Dove

    Oh my word Leanne your garden has had the most amazing transformation! What a change. It’s going to be even more incredible when those flowers come. I think they are hyacinths but don’t quote me on that 🙂

  11. Katie

    What an huge transformation! You should be proud! I keep reminding myself that for now, the garden is for the kids and dog. I would quite like them to have a large trampoline- especially the energetic boy, but the hubby says no:-(

  12. Erica Price

    Well done you on making it look green and pleasant. Can’t believe someone nicked your trees – What a shabby thing to do!

  13. Christine

    An amazing transformation, I cannot believe how it had been left! I’m guessing the previous occupants didn’t use it.

  14. Hellie's Corner

    That is an amazing transformation and you’ve got a great blank space to put in anything you like. I get a lot of my plants from Morrisons, they are so cheap compared to anywhere else. #hdygg


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