Handmade Christmas Lights Jumper #ChristmasJumperDay

Today is wear your best #ChristmasJumperDay

The Boys school love participating in all things charity, so today was no exception!!!…..!!!

As per we got a letter from the school a couple of weeks prior till today saying the children can come to school in there christmas wooly jumpers etc and bring a £1.00 contribution for the Charity.

WOW look how Great are these Hand-made Jumpers with lights in!...

Now thats all well and good and whilst i did have a lot of time to prepare and get them a christmas jumper, the purse strings are pretty tight this time of year (as i doubt most people are aswell) I knew that if i ventured into my favourite shop Primark, then i was bound to get the boys a Fabulous Christmas Jumper for not a lot of pennies.

Hmmm that kind of never worked out and when i did eventually get into town (shamefully the day before opps) The jumpers was £8.00 each!!! OUCH. Now i know its not a lot of money in the scale of price tags on jumpers, but £16.00 on just 2 jumpers, that i know would only end up getting used that one day was just too much.

So then of course i had the light bulb moment! Ah ha… what if i use one of their old jumpers and attach christmas looking things on the front of it and maybes add some lights??? That was that, i was on a mission! I found a pack of Felt in Wilkos for £1.00 and that had enough felt in to create the 2 trees for both of their jumpers and then i headed to Poundland and got 2 sets of LED Battery operated lights.

I printed out this Christmas Tree from the Internet and used it as my Pattern (Link Here) Laid the pieces out onto the felt, drew round them with a marker and cut them out.

I stuck them down onto the jumpers, then struck down the lights so there looked as though there were wrapping around the christmas tree. Last but not least i stuck the star over the last light at the top to make it glow. You can of course add sequins, glitter, snow, paint etc etc Let your imagination run wild.

It took just a couple of hours to make these and to see my boys faces the next morning was just Priceless!!! They walked into school beaming with excitement and couldn’t wait to show they friends.

Have you made a Christmas Jumper??? Let me know id love to see it 🙂 x

4 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Lights Jumper #ChristmasJumperDay

    1. Leanne

      Awww thank you very much :)… they felt so proud going to school and showing everyone how their jumpers lit up. They make me very proud x

  1. Katrin

    I can’t say I am a fan of Christmas jumpers but these are fantastic! I really like them. Shared your post on my Facebook page.

    1. Leanne

      Haha, I’m not a fan myself.. And to be honest my kids are kind of fussy when to comes to what is on their clothes… But there were sooo delighted with these and couldn’t wait to wear them… Thank you for sharing 🙂 x


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