Growth Scan – 36+6weeks

Unfortunately Couldnt get a scan image 🙁 Her head was buried deep, shes facing my back and her hands were on the side of her face lol… Her legs were tightly closed, so we couldnt see her gender just to make sure lol.


Gestation: 36 weeks 6 days
EDD 30/04/2013 (CRL)
Fetus Ref: 1 of 1

Scan reason: Growth
Fetal Heartbeat: Present
Presentation: Cephalic

Diastolic Flow: Present
AFI: 16.0
Liquor Volume: Normal
Umbilical Artery: Normal

FL: 69.8mm
HC: 333.0mm
AC: 302.0mm

EFW: 2634.0g

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