Fertility Charting = Explained

Charting = Taking your temperatures every morning using a Basal thermometer and recording it on a Chart, ive found using www.fertilityfriend.com is very very good as it shows you when you ovulated aswell as gives you lots of help to determine your chart/temps and to help catch that eggy. There is 3 stages to a womans cycle, 1st stage is after your period/menstruation, you will produce Estrogen which cools the body down and prepare for Ovulation. Then you will notice watery/Eggwhite consitency Cervical Mucus on the days leading upto Ovulation, this is called your fertile Period which can last a whole 3-4 days before your ovulate, this is deffo when you should be having lots and lots of Baby making with your OH. The day you ovulate you are Fertile so deffo lots of intercourse on this day also. After you have ovulated you are no Longer fertile and you cant get pregnant. After you have ovulated your temps will go higher and stay high untill you start your period again, this is due to the Progestrone your body is making. This final stage of your cycle is called Luteal Phase and you will always have a set amount of LP Days, which is counted from the day after Ovulation to the Day before you start your period. This will never change and will always remain the same.

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