Craft Ideas: DIY Felt Flower Brooch, Hair Clip and More

So ive eventually decided on what pram im going to use for the Little Lady and Decided on the Mamas & Papas Mimi (black and cream spots with red edging)… So ive bought the Pram and noticed that you can buy Red Felt Hood Rosettes which magnetic onto your hood on the pram and the hood on the carseat. But they £10.00! and i need 2 of these so £20.00 on top of the rediculus amount ive paid for the pram, carseat, isofix carbase, cosytoes, changing bag, parasol and raincover…

So i decided to make my own for less! and here is how i did it….

<—- This is what im trying to re-create:  (yes that little red flower thing on the hood! lol)

Things you will Need:

  • Red Felt
  • Marker Pen
  • Something Circular to draw round
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Neodymium Magnets (very Strong!)
  • Piece of Ribbon

Draw around an object to create your circles, here ive used a Glass Candle Holder as i found it to be the perfect size for what i was wanting.

If you want a Bigger Flower, draw round a bigger object and cut more of them out… If you want a Small flower, then choose something small and cut less circles out.

Once all the circles have been drawn, cut them all out.

The one single circle on the right is going to be used as the Base, Its exactly the same size as the rest of circles, just make sure you keep one aside.

 Fold over one of the Circles in Half…

Fold over in half again…

Cut the end off and apply Hot Glue to the end…

 Start sticking your folded over circles around the edge…

Stick your folded over circles all the way around the edge…

Start sticking the Folded over circles inside as a second row and carry on around…

Once the second row is done, it should look something like this…

Then stick the Folded over circles in the middle to fill the flower up and you should end up with something that looks like this.

Measure and cut your ribbon, Glue the edge and fold over, then glue down your magnet… Glue the edge and fold over the magnet, making sure the Magnet is fully enclosed for safety….

Glue down the edge of the ribbon with the magnet on the end…

Glue another Magnet to the other end of the ribbon, making sure you have the Magnets positioned so that they Attract to each other when it will be used, rather than repell (can you tell this happened to me lol?)

Ta Daaa! here it is on my Mamas & Papas Mimi Carseat… Doesnt it look Pretty?

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