Ella’s kitchen Baby Pureed Food Pouches – Tasty Recipes

Ella's Kitchen Baby Food Pouches - Lots of Lovely Recipes!!

Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food Pouches, have just got to be the best on the Market!

When i had my sons, 10 and 7 years ago now, the only pre-made shop bought Baby food, was either dried porridge cereal or those Glass Jars that looked like Gloop and no whatever if it was Rice pudding or Chocolate pudding it all tasted the same! WWWWWWW YUCK

So its been nice to see that when Layla arrived into the world and was moving towards Weaning, it was so refreshing to see these brightly coloured food pouches filling the supermarket shelves like Asda and Morrisons. Now i must say i was bit skeptical of if there actually tasted ok, some of the ingredients which are all clearly labelled on the front and contain nothing else other than water, but Spinach, Apples and Swedes seemed to me to be a funny kind of put together random ingredients

Asda have a fab deal on the Ella’s food pouches 6 for £5.00, still not very cheap but great for quickness and it’s 100% organic!

Layla quite likes them also…





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