DIY: The Boys Bedroom – Make Over! Phase 2

Boys bedroom make over phase 2 pod beds

So here is our DIY: Boys Bedroom Make Over Phase 2!!! I cant believe that we have actually nearly finished the Make over, if you want to catch up on the Make over click (HERE) for Phase 1 to find out why we have decided to do this.

So exactly a week ago i wrote Phase 1 explaining all about why we wanted to make over the boys bedroom. Im glad that we have took the plunge and started it, but boy its been hard physically and mentally! There is sawdust, wood, screws and utter chaos throughout the entire house, it never just stays in the one room?

Anyways i got the Idea for Pod Bunk Beds from my good old friend Pinterest, even before i was a blogger i use to spend hours just browsing and pinning everything that tickles my fancy. So when i seen these beds i thought WOW how cool are those and how fab that you have lots of storage space (which of course is crucial in any kids room!)

This Design i LOVE!… I love the gray walls and floor and then inside each pod is painted in green with a lovely little reading lamp.

I also like the fact that its built in so there is lots of playing space, however i dont like that theres no rail up the side of the mattress? i mean Ashton is only 6 and he is the top bunk bed lover so could you imagine him falling out at that height? We will have to incorporate a side that comes up like a rail so he doesnt just decide to roll out.

Boys Bedroom Make over phase 2

And here is the beginning!

We bought the wood from B&Q and got the screws from ScrewFix (they much cheaper!) and well here is our constructed inside Frame. We have used 2×1 Dressed Timber and MDF for the Bases, the MDF will also be used down the side and front.

We have built the frame into the corner and so we have had to trim out some coving and Skirting Board so that it sits as close to the wall as possible.

So here is our little DIY Project Update on Phase 2… What do you reckon? Would you build a Pod Bunk Bed?

Keep an eye out on Phase 3 (which should be in a day or 2 as were almost finished!)


2 thoughts on “DIY: The Boys Bedroom – Make Over! Phase 2

  1. Maria Noell

    I am quite excited to see how it turns out. The inspiration pin looks freakin’ amazing!!! If it’s anything near that good, your boys will love it.

    x Maria x

  2. 76 sunflowers

    I’m going to show this to my father in law when he’s over here next and see what he thinks! I need just one high level though with under space to be built into a snug alcove. Love the look of this 🙂


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