DIY: Conservatory has been Tiled and Wallpaper

This past week has been somewhat non-stop. We have built a Conservatory on the back of the house and a Porch on the front of the house, which has taken Months upon Months to do… But were finally at the finishing end (Thank God!)…

Im sick of seeing tools lying about everywhere, im sick of them taking priority over going out and having fun with the kids. But thankfully were nearly there!!!


conservatory wallpaper

conservatory leaf wallpaper

I think I’ve burnt myself out over the last week, as I’ve been trying my hardest to get everything done and completed. This last week I’ve, tiled the floor and grouted it all, I’ve painted the walls in the Conservatory and Porch, I’ve laminated the floor in the porch and I’ve wallpapered the Conservatory wall… Phew that’s a lot of work, but yay were almost done!!!

The wallpaper we purchased from The Range – Teal fern motif wallpaper by Arthouse for £12.99 a Roll. Its lovely with a nice texture to it and abit shimmery.

Now I just need to put on the skirting board and plastic trim from the windows/doors… Oh and make the blinds :/ Im dreading that bit haha (why do I sign up to these things?)

What do you think about the wallpaper?

4 thoughts on “DIY: Conservatory has been Tiled and Wallpaper

  1. Conservatory Blinds

    Have you done all of this yourself??? Unbelievable with three kids how you manage to do all these things by yourself. I am really impressed. But there is another surprising thing that it looks perfect as done by a professional. I have two kids and can not even thin k of doing these things. You are an outstanding lady.

    1. Leanne

      Hi, yes we have (me and my Partner) have done it all ourselves… Unfortunately we have too at times, we can’t afford to pay for someone else to come and do it for us. But the positives are that we take great pride in what we achieve and i guess we enjoy it a whole lot more… Hasn’t been easy with 3 kids in tow i must say. But its very rewarding 🙂 x

  2. Tensile Structure

    I am following your step by step blogs and love to see that you have accomplished a lot and look your conservatory is turning in to a beautiful room. Wish you enjoy your days in it.

    1. Leanne

      awww thank you very much for your kind words… i must update the last part of the conservatory story. We have finished everything now and its finally used as a room, if not a little cold until we turn the fire on 🙂 x


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