DIY: Building a Conservatory on a Budget, walls are done!

Yay finally after 4 months of building our very own Conservatory we are almost there. I cant wait to just have it fully completed and actually use it!… We have done most of the work ourselves, so we can actually save some money along the way. Sometimes i do just wish we had of saved up and paid a company to do it… It’s took a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

This is how far we have got:

DIY conservatory plasterboarded
conseratory plaster board

Plaster Boarding:

Lee has Plaster boarded all the inside and used adhesive to attach the boards to the walls. It was relatively straight forward as the walls are straight and there was no tricky bits to cut around etc. Hes put the metal plasters trim down the external edges and then bandage taped down all the seams… Hes done good hasn’t he? Hes getting better at the whole DIY thing… ๐Ÿ™‚

conservatory wet plaster conservatory plastered

Its Plastered:

We have absolutely no skills in the plastering department, so we got a family friend in who has 40+ years worth of plastering experience… So he set away and plastered the conservatory and the front porch and was finished by 1pm!!! Hes done absolute fantastic job and due to the lovely warm weather we’ve been having lately it was drying pretty well come tea time this is where it was at…ย  Eeeek almost time to whip on some paint.

conservatory floor tiles

Flooring Tiles:

We bought the floor tiles yesterday morning. we decided to get the tiles due to the concrete floor being abit a lot! uneven so if we decided to put carpet or laminate thenย  we would of needed to put self levelling compound down, which would of cost absolute bomb! as its 9 square metres. So we decided the best course of action here was to get floor tiles so that the adhesive will then become used as a levelling compound. Our kitchen/Dining room has the same colour and texture as these tiles but they laminate boards, I thought it would be best to keep the same colour/texture throughout as it will make the rooms flow better.

I did some more rows tonight and ran out of adhesive. So I shall hopefully get more done tomorrow when Lee finishes work so he can watch Layla and the boys.

So what do you think of our Conservatory so far???

4 thoughts on “DIY: Building a Conservatory on a Budget, walls are done!

  1. Jenny

    Looks great. Wow you are brave taking on such a huge project yourself but way to go for sticking with it and saving money in the process. Alot of people start the project and realize they are in too far over there heads and the tears come and pay someone to finish. Go you! Tiles look great. You will love it when it’s finished and appreciate it so much more because you did it yourself. I look forward to seeing the end results. Thank you for joining in Share With Me. Great to read your post and get to know more about you and your blog. #sharewithme

    1. Leanne

      Thank you… Im not too sure that its brave haha… maybes a little dumb. But were pretty used to doing everything ourselves, ive got a motto of “if I can do it myself, then I will”… So I tend to turn my hands towards anything. Its been lovely seeing it all come together, but ill be so glad when its all done and dusted so we can just relax ๐Ÿ™‚ x


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