Day1: Post C-Section and Newborn

Today i was ready and eager to get up and out of bed! ive laid in this bed since 3:40pm yesterday and its starting to get to me… I can now feel my feet and legs Yay, although still feel like Lead haha.

The midwife came round bright and early at 8:15am and removed my catheter (such a very weird feeling!) and helped me up. That feels sooo much better to be actually able to get up and pick Layla up rather than relying on midwifes to just pass me her when she needs feeding. One of the Kitchen Porters brought me some lovely toast with butter and Jam and a cup of Coffee! Yummmm tastes lovely!

I over heard one of the other C-section ladies enquire about going home today!… so I asked also :).

The Lady who checks the hearing came and gave Layla a clean bill of Health her ears were performing just as they should. The Baby doctor came and checked Layla over and everything is fine and Dandy. Then a doctor came to talk with me and ask how i was etc, which im great, but would be much better at home. So we have both got the Ok from all doctors/Midwifes needed so now Paperwork just needs to be drawn, medicines sorted and then we can go Home.

Dinner Time quickly came around and i grabbed just some Chips and a Coffee, Yumm that coffee tastes great. Chips werent too bad either with lots of salt and tomato sauce smoothered all over them lol.

Tea time came around and got my medication :D… Packed up everything and tidied up. Lee and Daulton Arrived with Laylas Coat and Carseat. Laylas Coat was HUGE, it was only 0-3 months, but could ideally do with a upto 1 month from Next.

We have finally escaped the Hospital at 6:10pm…


FEEDING: Every 2-3 hours, i dont feel like my milk has come in yet, breasts still feel squishy. Just colostrum.

NAPPIES: Not very many wee’s yet, But lots of nice Black looking poo.

BLOOD LOSS: Red, no more than a normal period.

C-SECTION INCISION: Bandage/Plaster still in tact, Looks very clean and white still.



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