Day1: SAH Something you didnt know about me.

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is: November 1, 2013 Welcome to NaNoBloPo! Share with us something we may not already know about you. Link back to old posts that need some loving.

I’m pretty much a open book, I tend to share a lot of things with everyone :)… But there is one particular aspect of my life that basically changed my life forever.

I had suffered a ruptured Subarachnoid Brain Aneurysm in August 2009 at just 23 years old, I required major emergency brain surgery to stop the bleeding. I had no idea I had the Aneurysm at all, yeah I suffered from headaches, but I put that down to being a busy mum looking after 2 very active boys who were 2 and 4 years at the time.

My partner Lee saved my life!, I was so very confused that I all I wanted to do was turn the lights off and go to bed. The neurologists etc. told me and my partner that him ignoring me and phoning for a ambulance was the smartest move he could of ever made, as if he had of listened to me. I would of certainly not woke up the next day. Those words still to this day Sting my heart!

I’m very lucky to be alive! and when you have a near death experience, you see everything in a total different light… Yes my life and the way I think, the way I deal with things has completely changed. I’m not the girl I once was… But none of that matters aslong as I get to see my kids grow up.

Heres a pic of me in Hospital…

me in hospital

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