Day 9: The closest cause to my heart

Today’s NaBloPoMo post: November 9, 2013 Which cause is closest to your heart and why?

The cause that is closest to my heart is the Alzheimer’s/dementia trust, my lovely nana was sadly diagnosed in 2006 at just 72 years old. Since then the Alzheimer’s has progressively got worse to the point that she doesn’t recognise her family, she can’t hold a conversation without forgetting what she was trying to say initially. It’s such a sad thing to witness especially as my nana is still so spritely, she could outrun me that’s for sure!

My lovely nana hasn’t had the most easiest of lives and everyone use to say when she was younger that she was a cat who did start off with 9 lives :)… For all it hang been easy, she has been very lucky.

She was born April 1934 the oldest of 4, she was the only girl and has 3 brothers. When she was just a small toddler in the middle of winter, she fell head first into a icy cold filled tin bath in the back yard… I can’t remember who pulled her to safety but ever since that day she has hated having baths and prefers showers and has never Learnt to swim. When she was a little girl she was playing outside down the back lane, she lived very close to a abattoir and on this particular day a bull escaped and came charging down the lane, and luckily someone grabbed her and pulled her out of the way!…. My nana was very close to her dad and unfortunately when she was 6 her dad died, even to this day she still talks about him as though he’s still very much in her life. She met my granda when she as just 14 and he was 16… Not long after she suffered a form of gum disease and needed all her teeth removing at 21 and had to have dentures since. She went on to have 4 children, with my mum being the youngest who was born in Australia. My nana hated it, it was too hot and hated the spiders/scorpions so they came home.
When my mum was 2 years old, her sister was going for an eye test and it was in huge middle of winter knee deep in snow, my mum was suppose to stay at home, but she kicked up such a fuss, she need up going. Whilst there my mum got her eyes tested and it was a good job as there found she had a growth on the back of one of her eyes, which turned out to be cancer and that resulted in her losing that eye.
When her children where growing up, she worked in a sewing factory and then worked in the hospital as a cleaner, which she absolutely loved! She was very sad when she retired. But she soon filled he days up with knitting, sewing, baking and being a very hands on grandmother and great-grandmother!… She’s the sort of woman that will go without as long as her family are ok.

She absolutely adores children! And there’s certainly no shortage of those in our family…

Unfortunately she won’t get any better, but she is still my lovely nana and we love her lots!

Here’s my nana and mum with Layla..


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