Day 8: NaBloPoMo Tell us all about your profile picture!

November 8, 2013 Tell us about your profile photo or the picture you use on your “about me” page.

I’m sooo sorry for the lack of my NaBloPoMo posts, Layla has been teething like mad and in the last 2 days she has popped out 2 teeth, so that’s a grand total of 5! And she’s only just coming upto 7months!.. Not only has she had her new teeth to contend with, she’s also got the dreaded sneezes and the snots that come with it… Poor little mite. So as you probably guessed, I haven’t had a lot of time to compile my posts.

Here is my Profile Picture:

This picture was took about 2years ago now when I was 25… Me and lee just decided that we would go to Blackpool that night and watch Funny Girls. We have been to Blackpool quite a few times with friends for a night out as you do and we love it!… Only problem was Lee works till 4pm on a Saturday. He luckily works from home, so I was able to pack the car up and get everything ready, so when he finished work all he had to do was just jump in the car and drive!

I had bought us some beers for on the way there and whilst in the b&b if we found one, as we hadn’t booked it! Ha… I had rose wine whilst going down and poor lee had to wait till when we got there to have his beers. I got ready in the car, I.e hair and make up.

We arrived in Blackpool about 7pm and the funny girls were starting in 30minutes! The sat nav was programmed to the funny girls venue, so when we arrived we drove round the corner and the street was full of b&bs! We found one vacant and got a room….

We made the show and for anyone who doesn’t know what the funny girls is, it’s basically a drag act show, it has a very dry and rude theme, but it’s sooooo hilarious! It didn’t finish till 11pm and we had never laughed soooo much.

We got very very drunk! Haha but from what we can remember of the night it was fab 🙂

Here is a picture of me and lee, at the beginning of the night 🙂


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