Day 1: No Caffeine – Im on the Volvic Water!

day1 im on the Volvic water

Day 1:

So today is the very first day of me having NO Caffeine… If you missed my post yesterday, {No Coffee for me, Im going Cold Turkey!} This is my following on post of how im actually coping.

So I started the day off great, had breakfast and I almost went towards the kettle to switch it on and I realised what I was doing and stepped away from it, I think its just out of pure habit.. I would wake up come downstairs and flick the kettle on and then make a brew. So instead I headed straight for the fridge and had some Volvic Strawberry Flavoured water in my Favourite Mum mug haha, I thought that maybes psychologically it would help (haha who was I kidding, I was craving the hardcore stuff!)

What Ive been Drinking:

Throughout the day ive been having the Volvic Touch of Strawberry water and im surprised that im actually enjoying it, it tastes really refreshing and sweet. There also do other flavours like Lemon and Lime, I think ill try this flavour next.

How im Feeling:

So far ive noticed im feeling abit flat and very tired. I almost fell asleep in the car earlier which was only 4pm (Lee was driving, I was in the passenger seat), I haven’t felt this tired in a very long while. Im guessing this is because im not fuelling the fire (my body) with energy drink and therefore im slowly coming to a halt. Emotionally I feel ok.


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