Consultant Appointment – 37Weeks

Date: 09/04/2013
Time: 10:45am

Weeks Gestation: 37
Fundal Height: 37cm
BP: 100/60
Urine: NAD

Consultant Comments: Growth scan 08/04/2013 is satisfactory. Aneathetist has reviewed and reccomends spinal aneathetic for C-section (although GA NOT Contradicated).
No correspondance from Dr Nath, Platelet 92 02/04/2012
Patient states saw Dr Nath’s team in December who advised should be ok for spinal Anaesthesia. Patient Not keen on GA, wants CS early as Platelets are low/falling.

Discussed with Mr Roy, advised for section at 38weeks.
Discussed with midwife Julie Glass who will amend appointments etc
Re booked to 16/04/2013 as in plan (signed J.Glass)

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