Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test = CONFUSED!

I thought getting the digital CB ovulation tests the 1 that gives you a smiley face if your LH surge is detected and just a circle if not, would make life that bit easier.

Well i bought some of the 20pack 1’s and took my 1st test today about 12:30pm i had only just been to the toilet about 30 mins
beforehand. To my suprise i got a Smiley face!

Now this is where im starting to think it may of actually been wrong, or that my body is totally screwed up…. My cycles are a typical 30-32Days last cycle i got +OPK on CD17 and the cycle before this i got it at CD15…. Today im only CD8… This morning i had some EWCM when i wiped, but it wasnt super stretchy and my Cervix is High Soft and Open.

I ejected the test as your suppose too, and the test was smudged with blue dye, but the Control line and Test line is still pretty much visable… it has now dried and this smudging has gone…

I took another test about 1hour and 30 mins later and i didnt get a Smiley face just a empty circle… I know your
not to look at the lines e.t.c, but it does appear the 2nd test i did is lighter than that of the 1st smiley.

UPDATE: The smiley result was False, i did recieve a smiley positive ovulation test on CD16 and Ovulated on CD17 🙂


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