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Project 365 week22 26.05.14 the boys near highforce waterfall

Project365 – 25th-31st May 2014 – Week 22

Woah where did week22 spring from?? This year is zooming by!!! Well this week the boys have been off school for a whole ENTIRE week!! and as per usual its rained non stop! So some days we have had abit of cabin fever going on and Layla hasn’t exactly been thrilled with the rain either as it meant she couldn’t play outside. Although its been abit poo with the weather, we have tried to get out and do some things rather than look at the same 4 walls.. Here is our Week22: 25.05.14 – We went swimming to a different […]

Project365 week21 22.05.14 layla got new shoes from clarks

Project365 – Week 21 – 18th-24th May 2014

Another week and another busy one for us :/ This week I’ve been abit off colour, i have just felt out of sorts, i havent wanted to turn on the computer so i havent done many blog posts, ive got thousands of comments (which are all spam) to go through and mark as SPAM urghhh… I think i just burnt myself out doing all the DIY stuff in the kids room, trying to keep the housework flowing as i hate to miss one day as it just impossible to catch up and then Layla has had a poorly belly so […]

15.05.14 Project365 week20 layla playing in the garden

Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014

So week 20 is upon us! Each week im always shocked by how far were already into 2014 when it only feels like yesterday it was Christmas! Where does the time go? But im not complaining! haha, the summer is here (Hallelujah!) So roll on sitting out in the Garden enjoying a few glasses (or bottles lol) of wine hehe it has to be done though? Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014 11.05.14 – We inherited some Sofas from my Granda as hes moved in with my Mum, so we have put those in the Living room and put […]

project365 week 19 the boys bedroom 07.05.14

Project365 – Week 19 – 4th-10th May 2014

WOW week 19 where the hell has the time been going? Everything at the minute seems to be moving at lightening speed due to all the work were doing in the house, so that hopefully come the summer we can sit out the back with a Vodka or 4 hehe enjoying the good old british outdoors! Which im hoping will smell beautiful as ive just bought Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary Shrubs! 🙂 Here is our Project365 Week 19 – 4-10th May: 04.05.14 – We have got abit further forward with the Boys Bedroom Makeover! Here are the Pod Beds so […]