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The Birth of Layla at 38weeks – Elective C-Section

Wow Today is the day that my little girl will be entering the world!… Its been such a very long time coming, i never thought i would EVER see this day, but OMG its happening 😀 😀 So i didnt really sleep very well lastnight i just tossed and turned majority of the night, ive been pretty good at sleeping in my pregnancy during the night but obviously im restless etc because of what lies ahead for today. Alarm clock set for 6am, bluerghhh as its the cut off time to have something to eat, drink and then take a Ranitidine […]

Consultant Appointment – 37Weeks

Date: 09/04/2013 Time: 10:45am Weeks Gestation: 37 Fundal Height: 37cm FH: FMF BP: 100/60 Urine: NAD Consultant Comments: Growth scan 08/04/2013 is satisfactory. Aneathetist has reviewed and reccomends spinal aneathetic for C-section (although GA NOT Contradicated). No correspondance from Dr Nath, Platelet 92 02/04/2012 Patient states saw Dr Nath’s team in December who advised should be ok for spinal Anaesthesia. Patient Not keen on GA, wants CS early as Platelets are low/falling. Discussed with Mr Roy, advised for section at 38weeks. Discussed with midwife Julie Glass who will amend appointments etc Re booked to 16/04/2013 as in plan (signed J.Glass)

Day Asessment Unit – 36+6weeks

Date: 08/04/2013 Time: 15:45pm Weeks Gestation: 36+6 FH: FMF Comments: Leanne attended Day Aseessment Unit re Ultrsound Scan Check growth and under 50th centile, above 5th centile, normal liquor and doppler. Follow up / Action Plan: For Antenatal 10:30am Tomorrow to review Scan.

Growth Scan – 36+6weeks

Unfortunately Couldnt get a scan image 🙁 Her head was buried deep, shes facing my back and her hands were on the side of her face lol… Her legs were tightly closed, so we couldnt see her gender just to make sure lol.   Gestation: 36 weeks 6 days EDD 30/04/2013 (CRL) Fetus Ref: 1 of 1 Scan reason: Growth Fetal Heartbeat: Present Presentation: Cephalic Diastolic Flow: Present AFI: 16.0 Liquor Volume: Normal Umbilical Artery: Normal FL: 69.8mm HC: 333.0mm AC: 302.0mm EFW: 2634.0g