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Number 4 Baby Bump Update - 17weeks

My Baby Bump Update – 17weeks and I’m a little Onion!

  Statistics Gestation: 17weeks and 0Days Weight: (not sure as the scales have broke) Clothes Size: Im still a Size 10 but can easily just accept going into a 12 in normal jeans is normal and well super comfy!… I could really do with some more maternity jeans!… I feel like baby is sitting really low and the only thing comfortable at the minute is my Pj’s! What I’m Craving: Shamefully i feel like i need to hit the Red-Bull like theres no tomorrow and trying to resist is hard work!, I’m also lovely the taste of Twister Ice-Lollies YUM YUM How I’m […]

My Baby Bump Update - 15weeks with no.4

My Baby Bump Update – 15weeks and I’m a little Orange!

  Statistics Gestation: 15weeks and 0Days Weight: 9st 12lb Clothes Size: Urghhh its official my normal Jeans don’t FIT 🙁 so the Maternity jeans have been purchased and in the picture I’m showcasing some lovely Baxter Maternity jeans from Topshop and OMG there soooo comfy!!!! What I’m Craving: At the minute I’ve got a taste for anything sweet, sour or basically anything i shouldn’t eat/drink too much of… Naughty Mammy hehe How I’m Feeling: Im knackered!!! My motivation as well and truly buggered off! Ive got a list of jobs/tasks that need doing in the house and i just lack the energy or the can […]

My Baby Bump Update - 14weeks with no.4

Baby Bump Update – 14weeks I’m a little Lemon!

Statistics Gestation: 14weeks and 0Days Weight: 9st 12lb Bust Size: So far Ive gone from a 36B to a 36C… Not surprised my good old trusty bras have been feeling a little tighter. Clothes Size: Im still a size UK10 on both bottom and top, well i say that, I’m a River Island 10 and Primark 12ish… This week I’ve really felt the need to get some Maternity clothes, more so trousers/jeans or jeggings, I’ve been walking around with my top button undone, so its time to invest in a god pair. Im thinking of paying New Look a visit […]

clearblue inside digital pregnancy test 1-2

What does a positive clearblue digital pregnancy test look like inside?

Have you ever wondered what does a Clearblue Conception Digital Pregnancy Test look like inside??? Yeh me too!… Heres what i found:   Pregnant 1-2: If you look at the strips in the above picture, you can see the bottom strip has 2 lines, the darker line is the control line and the fainter line to the left of it is to say your Pregnant. The top strip with a single line, determines how long ago you conceived. The line appears faint to indicate that it was only 1-2 weeks ago. If you are seeing this result then you are […]