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Easy Peasy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy Peasy – Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – Recipe Makes 6

Today I made some absolutely divine, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Nigella Lawson recipe. The recipe actually makes a quantity of 12 Cookies, but you can freeze some and then cook them later on, which will save you Preparation time. So a very quick and easy snack. These were a HUGE hit in our house, there taste absolutely gorgeous!… and they are sooooo easy to make Enjoy ūüôā NIGELLA‚ÄôS DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ¬†Recipe type:¬†Dessert, Cookie Prep time:¬† 15 mins Cook time:¬† 18 mins Total time:¬† 33 mins Serves:¬†12 Ingredients 125 grams dark chocolate¬†(minimum 70% cocoa solids) ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 150 […]

How does your Garden Grow - Yellow Daffodils

How does your Garden Grow?

Yay today is the 1st day of Spring! Finally, I feel like we have been stuck in the horrible wet, cold and basically rubbish winter for what feels like FOREVER. Im glad to see the back of it! The last few days the weather has been slightly okish, so I’ve been out there titivating and pruning in between building the conservatory and I cant believe there is actually some life out there! So ive got some Gorgeous Yellow Daffodils that I never knew existed but aren’t there beautiful! and I found some pretty dead Twig things, that I have absolutely […]

conseratory plaster board

DIY: Building a Conservatory on a Budget, walls are done!

Yay finally after 4 months of building our very own Conservatory we are almost there. I cant wait to just have it fully completed and actually use it!… We have done most of the work ourselves, so we can actually save some money along the way. Sometimes i do just wish we had of saved up and paid a company to do it… It’s took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. This is how far we have got: Plaster Boarding: Lee has Plaster boarded all the inside and used adhesive to attach the boards to the walls. It was […]

Candle feature made easy

Candle Feature – Easy, Quick & Cheap to make!

Candle Features nowadays are such a Huge part in homes of today. My home is no exception!, I love candles, every room has them apart from the windowsill on my Landing. Im not a fan of clutter but im also not a fan of having absolutely nothing on a windowsill. My Landing window is thin and quite tall, so it needs something at least to break up the large empty space. So I decided to make my own Small Candle Feature, just add abit of a uniqueness to our home. Here is how I did it: Poured in the Fine […]