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How does your Garden Grow

How does your Garden Grow? My Trees were Stolen :(

So your probably wondering why I’m showing you a photo that is suppose to be “How does your garden Grow” well i did have some little green fern looking trees here… Which proudly sat there for almost 3 years. Roll on Saturday the 5th of April whilst watching Ant and Dec on Saturday night TV, someone decided to come up the shared path between us and our next door neighbour and rip out all 3 of my beautiful Trees. ūüôĀ I only realised at 10pm when i went upstairs to get my Pyjamas on and i just happened to look […]

Easy ways to Upcycling Furniture

5 Easy way's to Upcycling your Old Wooden Furniture

Today I Upcycled our Wooden Furniture TV Unit, we purchased this yesterday off Gumtree as a Preloved Item. We bought it cheap, very cheap in fact but it did look abit tired and may i say, abit old’y world’y… But we couldn’t be fussy as similar Units Brand New from a Shop were around ¬£250-¬£300!!! that just wasn’t in our price range at all… So we had to settle for something that did the job just the same and wouldn’t break our bank balance. The TV Unit is for our Conservatory that we have been putting together for the last […]

Create a Beautiful Butterfly Decoration from Wallpaper -

Create a Beautiful Butterfly Decoration from Wallpaper

  Every room deserves to¬†be adorned with¬†Beautiful Pretty decorations and what better way than to make some yourself. That is exactly what ive done here with some left over Wallpaper and a Photo frame. Having just finished building our New Conservatory, it is a total blank canvas with no decorations, well it doesn’t even have any furniture yet :/…I needed to wallpaper one wall which is on the back of the house but it didn’t take up the whole 2 rolls that we purchased so there is plenty of¬†it left. I hate seeing anything go to waste and with the […]

conservatory wallpaper

DIY: Conservatory has been Tiled and Wallpaper

This past week has been somewhat non-stop. We have built a Conservatory on the back of the house and a Porch on the front of the house, which has taken Months upon Months to do… But were finally at the finishing end (Thank God!)… Im sick of seeing tools lying about everywhere, im sick of them taking priority over going out and having fun with the kids. But thankfully were nearly there!!! Wallpaper: I think I’ve burnt myself out over the last week, as I’ve been trying my hardest to get everything done and completed. This last week I’ve, tiled […]