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Top 5 BEST Ever Gift List for the Woman in your life

Top 5 BEST Ever Christmas Gift List, for the Woman in your Life

Here I’ve complied the Top 5 BEST Ever Gift List for the Woman in your Life. So Christmas is drawing ever so close!!! (How fast has this year gone? like seriously!!?). Anyways every year the Mr asks me the Question, “So what do you want?” each and everytime i always reply with, “ooo surprise me!”. Now don’t get me wrong, The Mr’s buying skills are pretty dam good! but theres only so much Baileys liquor and Ferrero Rocher you can stomach. I figured this year i could help him out, (i mean surely thats allowed right?) So this year I’m […]

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review

REVIEW: JML Ruggies Rug Grippers – No Mess!

This is a Review about the Ruggies Rug Grippers. Having just built our Porch, we decided to put Laminate Wood flooring down as its more durable and easy to keep clean. I added a Mat in there and of course its been everywhere but where i initially put it! I seen the Ruggies Rug Grippers advertised on the TV and so when i was doing our weekly food shop in Morrisons i just had to pick some up. In the Box you get 8x Ruggies Rug Grippers for £9.99, there’s enough to secure 2 rugs! Which is fab as one […]

Coronation Street, How does your Garden Grow

Coronation Street! How does your Garden Grow?

This week has been a rather busy and slightly chaotic one but featuring in my How does your Garden Grow??? Is the Famous Coronation Street!… We were very privileged to pay the old Manchester Quay Street Filming Set a visit. So of course my camera came right along with me and i just so happened to notice some flowers. Before our Tour round the Studios and the famous Cobble Street began, we waited in the Cast Canteen which was were the stars of Coronation Street would have they lunch/tea in between filming. The Old studios/sets were left behind in December […]