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Just another School Run.

This morning started out like any other normal weekday when you have children of school age, even though this event should be down to a super fine art it always buggers up. so today started at 7:00am!! This is like a sleep in for me usually, but being awake half an hour before the alarm clock goes off is absolute rubbish. So anyways I decide to browse the wonderful world of Internet, eBay and Next seem to be my most go to window-shopping-internet-fancy places when I’m skint (I’ve got 4 kids I’m always skint!) Then that horrid bloody alarm clock […]

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Bloggers worst nightmare?

Well ok, maybe I slightly over exaggerated that just a tiny bit. But for the last 2months I’ve had brain freeze, and I say brain freeze and not writers block simply because my brain has felt like it just wanted to stop as if it wanted to freeze in time and it wasn’t just writing it was everything! I should explain that 2 months ago my life was very hectic and ever since I suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm 4 years ago I don’t tend to cope with a lot of stress and pressure. Luckily I’m a very strong […]

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My 6 Month Blogging Milestone & What I've Learned So far

Wow i cant believe that 6 Months ago i started Blogging full time!, where has that time gone? I did initially set up my blog in 2012 when we were trying for a baby and when i got Pregnant i decided to log everything, i wanted a in-depth record of my Pregnancy and beyond but unfortunately 3 months later a Miscarriage was confirmed and everything changed for me. Blogging just seemed the last place i wanted to be or share how i felt. I quickly fell Pregnant with my Little Layla, but i was Paranoid that if i started to […]

hibs100 march rank 97 2014

WOW I got #97 in the March HIBS100 Rank – #MagicMoments

Today I was checking out my Blogs widgets, decided to have a little shuffle around haha and in the corner of my eye noticed that my HIBS100 Badge had changed from the Non-Ranked Default display to now a snazzy #97!!! :O I was utter speechless. I think more so because I only signed up in the middle of last month to the HIBS100 Directory, I expected that it would take a long time to go up the ranks, just like my TOTS100 I quickly raced outside to Lee who at the time, was putting up plasterboard on the walls in […]