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1st Birthday Pink and Purple Glitter Candles

Happy 1st Birthday to my Princess Layla

Happy 1st Birthday to my Beautiful Little Princess Layla! I wrote her a little letter which you can read (here) WOW a whole year has passed and I still cant believe that she’s actually here! After 3 years of Trying to have a baby, you go through so much disappointment and pain, then when it does happen you end up pinching yourself everyday to make sure that its actually real!. We of course Celebrated her 1st Birthday with Banners, Balloons, Presents and a Bright Pink butterfly with lots of sparkly candles (as you do!) hehe. I got Layla a gorgeous […]

A Letter to my Darling Daughter

A Letter to my Darling Daughter – Your'e Now 1!

A Letter to my Darling Daughter, Your 1st Birthday is just round the corner and even to this day i still cant believe that we were so blessed to have you in our lives. You complete us in so many ways and im so Proud to call you my daughter. From Day 1 you have been our little fighter, you arrived into the world with hardly a whimper and you filled with me with absolute love that only a mother can feel for her fresh newborn baby. In that moment of time it was just me and you.. No-one else […]

Project365 Laylas Long eyelashes

Sleeping Beauty Moment – Expression

Theres something just so peaceful and special watching your child Sleep. Layla loves her Daytime Naps and i love how i get to squish her (obviously not too hard hehe), brush noses and stroke the few small roots of hair that she does have 🙂 In that moment when everything is silent, you realise just how lucky you are to have this little Princess in your life. Then when shes awake, you get this: Such a cheeky, mischievous Smiley Little Girl 🙂 I love watching her Expressions!