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How to tell the Difference between the Bugaboo Cameleon Models 1,2 & 3 – The Easy Way!

Here I’ve tried my best to put together a fairly Easy, but very detailed view of how to tell the difference between your Bugaboo Cameleon 1,2 & 3 models. Over the years Bugaboo have made quite a few changes (Check out my Post: Bugaboo Cameleon Models through the years – 1994 – Present to see what exactly changed and when). The changes that Bugaboo have made have undoubtedly been for the better, but there have been very minimal and if your not in the know then its quite tricky to tell. Im very fortunate to of had EVERY single Bugaboo known by […]

What Layla Wore - Next Bird Print Dress And Tights Set!!!

What Layla Wore – Next Bird Print Dress And Tights Set!!! Beautiful Colours and only £17.00!

What Layla Wore – Next Bird Print Dress And Tights Set!!! I recently purchased this beautiful Bird Print dress and tight set from Next for £17.00, i got it in size 2-3years and i must of had the dress for a good few months now just sitting pretty in Layla’s wardrobe. Ive been so eager to get it out of Layla’s wardrobe and finally it fits her!, it looks so cute on her and i just love all the bright colourful summery colours in the little birds that is dotted about on the top half of the dress. The bottom […]

were having a baby

Were having a Baby!

Im so Happy to announce that after another long wait we are expecting our 4th Baby (and of course our last!) haha… I didn’t think it was going to happen, as we had kind of been trying since we had Layla, as we knew we would of liked too of had another.  Here the Baby as i refer too as Squigglet is measuring 13weeks dot on. Due: 07/10/15 Lee and I gave ourselves a cut off time period, as we said we could just go on and on. So we both agreed that if we hadn’t fell pregnant before Lee’s […]

Laylas First Steps

Layla Has finally Took Her First Steps!

Eeeeek Layla took her very first proper steps and i cant believe that I caught them on video! yay go me haha. Layla is 12months old and shes only just started to walk, a little slower than her brothers who was around 10 months and im totally not bothered in the slightest! If she was my first then i would probably be worrying that she hadn’t done it sooner, but being a mummy to 3 i know that they all walk and talk in their own time and theres no point in worrying. So I’ve just let her build her […]