Candle Feature – Easy, Quick & Cheap to make!

Candle Features nowadays are such a Huge part in homes of today. My home is no exception!, I love candles, every room has them apart from the windowsill on my Landing.

Im not a fan of clutter but im also not a fan of having absolutely nothing on a windowsill. My Landing window is thin and quite tall, so it needs something at least to break up the large empty space.

candles made easy

So I decided to make my own Small Candle Feature, just add abit of a uniqueness to our home.

Here is how I did it:

  1. Poured in the Fine glitter Sand so far up.
  2. Placed the tea light candles in the centre
  3. Then filled the Glass Tealight Holder’s up with the rest of the sand.

Simple, quick and very cheap to make at just £4.25

The Glass Candle holders, came in a Pack of 4. I only used 3 holders as the Tealights candles I bought only came in 3 colours.

Below is what I purchased and where from:

Glass Candle Holder
Tealight Candles
Decorative Candle Sand


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