Building FREE Lego from the Daily Mail – Ashton Aged 6

Ashton building his Daily Mail Lego Vehicle

All this week The Daily Mail are giving away FREE Lego with each newspaper.

Being HUGEEEEEE Lego fans in this house, we just had to get it!. So whilst the kids have been going to school we have then carried on into the town to buy our Daily Mail newspaper in WHSmith just to get a little Vehicle made out of Lego.

Last year me and Lee had to build the Lego as the boys just couldnt follow the instructions. I wasnt complaining as i quite building Lego! Its FAB… but i felt bad on the kids, as it kind of takes away abit of the fun in actually building it and then think Oooooo i built it all myself.

Well this time round, Ashton my youngest son is able to understand the instuctions now and so hes been building the vehicles up in lightening speed! and of course because he built it himself he felt very Proud of himself 🙂

Ashton making his Daily Mail Lego Vehicle by himself

Ashton with his Daily Mail Lego Creation

Have you been getting the Free Lego?

19 thoughts on “Building FREE Lego from the Daily Mail – Ashton Aged 6

  1. Sam @ And then the fun began...

    Nothing like a bit of lego! As my eldest is only four (and youngest 21 months) we haven’t really got the Lego out yet as I’m scared youngest will swallow a bit or muck up anything his brother does but we have a big box ready to go (hand me downs from their older cousins!). Must make you feel very proud to see your child following instructions correctly and patiently and producing the goods! #sharewithme

  2. Jenny

    Brilliant airplane! I am impressed there is a free lego in the daily mail I had no idea. I best jump on this band wagon. I have no lego skills. lol I bet Buba would though. Look at how proud he is in his photo. So lovely Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. Zena's Suitcase

    Wow, he looks very proud of himself. I never quite got the hang of lego, but my son did build some cracking models. Great post Zx #sharewithme

  4. redpefferona@redpeffer

    Oh no, I missed this! Mind you I never buy a newspaper as there’s no tine to read one so it’s no surprise! Looks fab 🙂

  5. Michelle Maggs

    Well done on his aeroplane, it’s amazing! Why didn’t I know about free lego, lol! My girls love it #sharewithme x

  6. Mel

    There is nothing like a bit of Lego action! Can’t believe you got this for free in the paper: brilliant! Mel#SharewithMe

  7. seychellesmama

    oooo thats cool that you get free lego!!! Nothing like that here! I love lego though, will be fun once Arthur is old enough to play so we have an excuse to get some 🙂

  8. Philippa Tyrer

    Missed the free lego! My 8 year old would love that. It is great when they can follow instructions themselves – my lot build some fantastic things on their own now! #MMWBH

  9. Denise (mum on a mission for a better life)

    I missed that they were giving away Lego! The aeroplane looks fab and your sons smile is so handsome, he looks so proud, bless him 🙂 #MMWBH

  10. EmilyandIndiana

    Sad I missed this as my oh is lego crazy (so much so he has a lego brick tattoo haha). So lovely he looks so proud that he built it himself 🙂 xx #sharewithme

  11. Jess Paterson

    We are Lego crazy in our house. The two older ones constantly bewail the unstoppable intervention of their baby brother looking to trash their creations. Well done on spotting the freebie! #sharewithme

  12. Wicked World of Lucas

    Missed this – doh!!! Haven’t told Lucas though as he would NEVER forgive me. He LOVES Lego. Greatv post and glad to see boy is building it himself x #sharewithme

  13. kid GL loves

    Lucas says – Well, the Mother’s failed me by not realising there was free Lego but awesome job dude 🙂 *high-5’s* #sharewithme


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