Bugaboo Cameleon3 Soft Pink Breezy Canopy – Review

Heres my Review of our Bugaboo Cameleon3 Soft Pink Hood Canopy.

Bugaboo Soft Pink Breezy Cameleon3 Canopy Review

These Breezy Canopies are absolutely fantastic for the Warmer summer weather. There are made up of completely different material to that of the normal Bugaboo Hoods/Canopies, its more like a strong tent/shiny-ish fabric that has built in mesh panels throughout the hood and also very cleverly has a built in Bug/Fly net.

The Hood comes to you just as fabric, you then insert your existing hood rods into the channels on the Breezy hood and then attach the elastic loops. I found it took a matter of a few minutes to swap over my old hood to the breezy and a total doddle.

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Soft pink Breezy hood extended

The Hood easily extends further over to protect your child from the harsh sun and to give maximum coverage, simply unzip this part from the back of the Breezy Hood and then pull forward.

If you want to use the Net, simply unzip at the front of the hood and there you will find the net rolled up, simply pull the net over the footrest end of the Seat/Carrycot, its vitality important that you open up the large flap piece and the top and secure it back over with the elastics toggle, this is to make sure that enough airflow gets through to your child so that there don’t over-heat.

Overall: I love the Breezy Hoods, there only come in a few variant of colours like, Arctic Grey, Ice Blue, Khaki, or Soft Pink… But these colours seem to go with everything!, there give good protection from the sun whilst keeping your child nice and cool.

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