Bugaboo Cameleon – Spares, Parts & Accessories – Revamp your Pram

Bugaboo Cameleon - Spares, Parts & Accessories - Revamp your Pram

Here you can find lots of Bugaboo Cameleon Accessories to Revamp your Pram!

Bugaboo’s like the Cameleon, Bee+/3, Donkey and the Buffalo are so adaptable and super duper easy to change and mix up all the fabrics to give your Bugaboo Pram a new lease of life!. There is lots of beautiful colours and combos to tickle your tastebuds. One of my favourite combos for the winter was the Hot Pink Canvas Hood Fabric and the Hot Pink Footmuff, sadly Bugaboo has discontinued this colour and several others over the years, which is a shame as i truly loved it LOTS!…

Sometimes with our much loved Bugaboo’s there do need a little extra TLC especially when our little darlings decide to chew the foam off the handle or the wheels run flat and so replacements need purchasing… Don’t worry though these can easily be replaced and fitted within seconds as Bugaboo’s are super easy to take apart and re-assemble without needing a engineering degree 😀 If you like the Custom Made Fabrics, then pop along here: *Bugaboo Cameleon Customs*

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