Bugaboo Cameleon Models through the years – 1994 – Present

Here is a very clear and detailed progression of the Bugaboo Cameleon Models through the years.


If you have a child or follow celebrities and don’t know what or who Bugaboo is, then where have you been all these years??? Bugaboo are re-nowned for innovative Prams and Pushchairs for the current Parent and Baby market. Not only do they cater 100% for the needs of children, there also put the practicality of using their Prams or Travel systems at the fore-front of every design they produce for Parents or Parents to be!… Making it one of the Biggest Baby Pram Companies for the last 20 Years!!! (they must be doing something right?)

Bugaboo was set up by two men back in 1994, who revolutionised the way we see Pram Travel. Their first Prototype was something out of the ordinary and was totally different to anything else on the Pram Market at that time. The Bugaboo Prototype then was re-modified even more and became the Bugaboo Classic in 1999 that then transformed through the years to now be known as the Bugaboo Cameleon.

Bugaboo took on more re-modifications to their Classic Pram and since then it has changed to; Frog in 2001, Cameleon in 2005, Cameleon+ in 2007 and then the Cameleon3 in 2012 which is the Latest design to date. Due to Bugaboo being called “Bugaboo” and there ability to adapt to different terrains there adopted the Name Frog. Then when their introduced the Cameleon Model which name was adopted after the Reptile Chameleon it was a very fitting name to describe they new range which now was totally customisable in that you could pick the base colour and the top colour so that it was totally unique to your own tastes and style. This was also revolutionary and a great trend-setter for other Brands to follow suit very quickly!

Here’s the Bugaboo Cameleon evolving and changing through the years!!…

Photos Courtesy of Bugaboo.


Bugaboo Prototype – 1994

Here is a look at the very first Prototype put forward by the Designers at Bugaboo. Over the years Bugaboo have changed and modified how the Cameleon models works and adapts to the busy lives of today parents. What is clear is the concept! the chassis that only i can describe as a upside down Y, with a large Big Wheel at 1 end and smaller wheels at the other.


Bugaboo Classic – 1999

The Bugaboo Classic, has really fast forward in terms of change in just a short 5 years from its older prototype. It now resembles more of the Cameleon3 we can find in the shops like Mothercare, Bugaboo, Pramworld, Mamas & Papas Etc… The Main change on the classic was giving the classic a option to have swivel wheels, which is a must for city living especially for shopping. There is also now a large reclinable seat kitted out with a full 5-point harness for safety of course.


Bugaboo Frog – 2001

Bugaboo are now on their way to the front of being the Best Pram/Pushchair out there!!! in just a couple of years, there added some subtle but changes for the better to the Bugaboo Classic, which now becomes the Bugaboo Frog. These changes includes a much better Braking System, on the classic the brakes were on the smaller swivel wheels, which meant you had to put each brake on manually by foot, but this wasn’t always easy to do and so it meant that sometimes you needed to get down there and do it by hand… which is not ideal especially if raining or muddy. So Bugaboo cleverly added a linked braking system to lock the large (noramlly referred to the rear wheels) with a little lever located near the handlebar so you could quickly and easily pop the brake on and off. One of the biggest changes was that Bugaboo underwent a Logo re-design, which in my opinion looks sooooooo much better than the one there branded on the Classic.


Bugaboo Cameleon – 2005

The Bugaboo Cameleon is most commonly known amongst Bugaboo lovers as the 1st Edition. This Bugaboo Cameleon1, has undergone some little upgrades from the Bugaboo Frog, due to customer feedback. These are adding actual adjustable spring front swivel wheels to make the ride even smoother, Stylish sleek looking big tyres, Moving the position of the brake lever to on the top of the handlebar rather than on the inside, One Biggest change is the adjustable height handlebar which can be adjustable by little twisty knobs which slacken and then tighten back up again once you set the right height. There is also a Big change in how you now purchase your Bugaboo Cameleon1, you select a Base colour (the colour of the seat, carrycot and basket colour, which was Dark Grey, Red, Blue and Sand). You then purchased a Topping Set which compromised of a Canopy, Seat back fabric and carrycot apron.


Bugaboo Cameleon+ – 2007

The Bugaboo Cameleon+ is again know amongst Bugaboo Lovers as the Bugaboo Cameleon 2nd Generation. It has very subtle changes/upgrade from that of its older Cameleon1. It now features a much better folding mechanism which is now a push button on either side of the handle, rather than the outer push button in and lift up the lever on the Cameleon1. The handlebar height adjustable has now changed into white plastic flaps instead of twisty knobs, which makes adjustable the height that much more quicker. There has also been a upgrade to the topping fabrics which are now a canvas feel, rather than the fleece on the Cameleon1.


Bugaboo Cameleon3 – 2012

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 although looks virtually identical to its previous older models the Cameleon1 and the Cameleon2, but actually its had the most changes of all. The whole chassis has been reinforced at crucial joints to make it very strong and durable, the Rear wheels are now foam filled and so no more punctures, the front wheels are now more rubber like and flush on the top so theres no bits that stick out (which use to get broken a lot on previous models, due to the way the chassis folded/unfolded), the chassis now when open locks into place (older models would only lock into place once the seat/carrycot was attached), much larger capacity shopping basket, Gate style opening bumper bar, all in one seat unit with a much better harness system (seats/base fabrics are now all one colour in either black or Dark Grey), Topping fabrics only now consist of Hood/Canopy and Carrycot apron and not forgetting that the handlebar now clicks up and down when adjusting so that you set the right height on both sides.


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      The Gecko was the Cheaper alternative to the frog which was then updated to become the Cameleon. The Gecko was never in the running x


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