Bank Holiday Monday and a Trip to HighForce Waterfall

Bank Holiday Monday gone we decided to take the kids out for the day, there usually just like to play on the Xbox whilst we try to tackle the endless jobs that need doing in the house.

But we of course had to make the most of the beautiful Sunshine and decided to head off to see the Waterfall at High Force.

The kids at High ForceHeres the Kiddiewinks just before we descend to the bottom of the waterfall.

ashton and some buttercupsWe werent allowed to pick any flowers from the gardens on the walk, but Ashton found these ones on the floor so of course we had to bring them home and put them in water.

beautiful purple flowerI have a huge soft spot for anything purple! especially when its on beautiful flowers like these and as per usual i have no clue to what this little beauty is called?

busy bumble beeThis little guy was making his trip round all the lovely flowers, i tried to get closer but he was flitting from flower to flower in seconds, so i didnt dare and kept my distance haha

Going down to see highforceIm always the one with the camera and because i was taking pictures of flowers and bee’s Lee and the kids decided to walk ahead of me :/ hence this lovely shot of them from the back.

Highforce WaterfallWOW look at this beautiful waterfall!!! the photo is very deceiving as it only looks small, but it was HUGE and the noise was deafening.

layla pointing to the waterfallWe all couldnt get right down to the rocks to the waters edge so we took the boys down and Layla had to stay up the top and here she is pointing to it.

Layla Sat in her Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Soft PinkWhilst lee took the boys upto the top of the waterfall, me and Layla sat watching and perfect opportunity to catch a picture.
Leaf inside a treeWe spotted lots of beautiful things along our trek, but this one was spotted by Ashton, its a Leaf inside a tree? which has obviously been nibbled on.
the boys in front of the high force waterfallThis photo is one of my top favourites!
the boys standing on the edgeThe boys being boys there actually wanted to go in the water and have a swim!! Yeh right, like i was gonna allow that lol… this is how close i let them go and even then, my heart was in my mouth!!!

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