Baby Bump Update – 14weeks I’m a little Lemon!

My Baby Bump Update - 14weeks with no.4


Gestation: 14weeks and 0Days

Weight: 9st 12lb

Bust Size: So far Ive gone from a 36B to a 36C… Not surprised my good old trusty bras have been feeling a little tighter.

Clothes Size: Im still a size UK10 on both bottom and top, well i say that, I’m a River Island 10 and Primark 12ish… This week I’ve really felt the need to get some Maternity clothes, more so trousers/jeans or jeggings, I’ve been walking around with my top button undone, so its time to invest in a god pair. Im thinking of paying New Look a visit soon to get me some, but I’ve also heard Topshop, H&M and asda have a good range so i will have to do some retail therapy, followed by a lovely Latte.

What I’m Craving: I don’t particularly get strong cravings for things… I tend to get a taste for something, ill have it for abit then give up and find something else. This week i just fancied some chocolate pieces in Granola cereal with Natural Yogurt poured over it… Oh it tastes lovely, last time i ate this was when i was pregnant with Layla, it was like a little luxury food for me.

How I’m Feeling: The past week, I’ve felt ok. Ive certainly felt a lot more tired than i have in previous weeks and I’ve also had a constant headache that no amount of paracetamol will shift it!. Vivid dreams seems to be a pretty horrible occurrence, there not pregnancy related ones, but there featuring my family in really horrible scenarios and i wake up thinking OMG did that actually just happen or was it a nightmare??? Another one is waking up at random times during the night, last night i woke up at midnight when Lee came to bed and then again at 4am, then just after 7am :/ No wonder I’m feeling knackered.

What I’ve Purchased: So far I’ve bought quite bit, hehe. We purchased a New Car the other week, 7-Seater Renault Grand Scenic and we absolutely love it!!! I don’t know why we haven’t gotten one earlier one, there absolutely fab and super duper comfy.
Also purchased our Pram from a Local Shop that had a great deal on it, and it would of been silly not to get it whilst the offer was on. I went for the Bugaboo Cameleon3 with black bases and red canvas toppings, but will of course buy either pink or blue when baby arrives
and last but not least, I’ve purchased a Snuzpod 3-1 Crib from the Little Green Sheep Company, bit pricey… But its gonna be super for me, as i will be another c-section mummy and i will also be breastfeeding again, so it will be really helpful for me.

Notes: Woah 14 weeks already :O I recently told the whole wide world that we were expecting baby number4ย on a previous post including our cute little Scan Picture ๐Ÿ™‚

The last 14 weeks have seemed to pass in a complete and utter blur. Ive been super busy doing one thing and another. Even though I’ve felt pretty sick and nauseous for quite a few weeks, I’ve just kept busy ๐Ÿ™‚

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