Another Top Favourite is Muslin Squares! – Part 5

aden & Anais Muslin squares

Muslin Squares:

These should be purchased irregardless of whether your Breastfeeding or Formula Feeding your baby. Muslin Squares can be used for numerous things, Swaddling baby, Blanket, Burp Cloths and a Breastfeeding Cover. I use to tuck a corner of the muslin square under my bra strap, this would give us cover and privacy to allow Layla to feed without getting disturbed and also muslin squares are breathable so they allowed her to be nice and cool in the hot summer days.

Read why these are my Top 5:

  1. Nursing/Breastfeeding/Maternity Tops
  2. Nipple Cream
  3. Nursing Bras
  4. Nursing Pillow
  5. Muslin Squares


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