Alzheimer’s/Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket Quilt

Heres how i Made my Lovely Nana a Alzheimer’s Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket Quilt

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I decided to make my lovely nana a Alzheimer’s Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket Quilt after i seen Autistic children enjoy a weighted/fidget blanket. I instantly thought oh WOW what i great idea!!! i wonder if my Nana would like something like that. She’s now at the Stage in her Alzheimers illness, that she can’t comprehend to not pull the cotton on her buttons, as obviously there will fall off and she could potentially eat them (which is obviously NOT a good thing). She also likes to fidget a lot!!! but this fabulous woman has always been busy with her hands ever since she was a little girl she has knitted, she got so good that she could knit a full adults Cardigan in like a night or 2!, without even taking her eyes off the TV.

Turquoise Large Tactile Sensory Stimulation Cushion – Dementia/ Special Needs Activity Product

Fidget Cushion

Its so sad to see my Nana deteriorate in front of my eyes 🙁 and feel totally helpless at the same time. Although this Awful disease has robbed us of a Wife, Mum, Nana and Great-nana… It won’t stop us from loving her and treating her like the queen she has always been.

This is my reason for creating my Nana this Fidget Blanket, as i just hope it gives her some Comfort, something nice to feel and touch and to know that she’s very much cherished.

Alzheimer’sDementia Fidget Lap Blanket how to tutorial

Im forever sewing anything and everything i think Oooo i like that!… so i tend to always have a stash of fabric ready and waiting to be used including lots of appliques etc. This whole Fidget Blanket took me around an hour or so to do!… which is great for anyone who wishes to make these and donate… I hope you throughly enjoy making these and know that your doing good for your loved ones or community.

Heres How I did It:

  • I opted to make my very own Felt Flower from this Tutorial that I’ve previously made before and Stitched it securely onto the Blanket. Alternatively if you prefer to just purchase a Pre-made Felt flower, you can purchase lots of pretty ones HERE
  • A little felt bird with ribbon for little legs, that i allowed to dangle and be free, especially great for twiddling.
  • Buckles are also a great item for those fiddlers, i would say to be careful which type of buckle you use. You don’t want the buckle to be too hard/stiff to undo and re-do… I literally bent the prongs on this buckle so that it slid in and out without much pressure to avoid trapping fingers/skin.
  • I quite liked the thought of having a envelope style Pocket so that my Nana could put something inside, like her tissues or sweeties. so i literally just made a square, added a flap at the top and attached some velcro on both parts so that it kept things inside.
  • I had some letter beads  left over from another craft and i thought what a better way than to Stamp my Nanas name on the blanket… but to simply add the Beads to some ribbon and now she can fiddle with the beads, but also her Nurse knows that the blanket belongs to her… she’s forever borrowing other peoples belongings lol so this should help some.
  • You can also add zips, Ribbon bows etc
  • Lots of lovely, bright, different colours, different thickness ribbons in a row. Gives the user something different to feel.
  • I then backed her blanket in some very sumptuous Cuddle Soft Fabric… It adds bit of thickness and weight to the blanket which also helps soothe the user when in use.

If you prefer to purchase a Ready Made Blanket.. Click on the Links Below:

24 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s/Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket Quilt

  1. Lisa

    This is an excellent idea! I work with Alzheimer suffers and this is ideal for them, might have to give it a go xxx

    1. Leanne

      Oh you should :)… its basically just a square piece of fabric with bits and bobs securely stitched on, so its something to play with and enjoy 🙂 its been a great hit with my lovely nan

  2. Nita

    This fidget blanket is genious! My aunt had dementia and fidgeted all the time, it seemed. Although, she picked at the thin skin of her delicate hands, filed her nails, etc. This would have been a God send for.her and her family as well. I plan to make some for nursing home friends. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Martha

    Leanne, This is such a great idea. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s in August of this year. She too was always figiting. This would have been so great for her. I am going to make some for the center where she spent her last 5 years. Thank you so much for leaving directions on how to make these. It is such a dreadful diesease.

    1. Leanne

      Hi Martha, I’m so sorry to hear your mum passed away :(… It truly is a awful disease :(… What a great idea of gifting some to the center, I think there will be greatly received 🙂 x

  4. Karen K

    I have a friend that would like me to make one of these for her mother who is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. What is the dimensions of this blanket. Thank you for your quick response.

  5. Liz Lucock

    Leanne – this is inspirational! My lovely Mam is at the early stages of Dementia & her fingers are constantly on the move! I shall try & make a ‘Fidgy blanket’ for her for Mother’s Day! Thanks again! xxx

  6. Danielle

    What a lovely thing to do for your Nana and what a great idea.
    Be proud of yourself for giving her some comfort.

  7. Beth

    You are a great granddaughter and an inspiration to us all. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I think it’s wonderful. I’ve worked in nursing homes long before Alzheimer’s was a common word, and not understood like it is today. This is much like a small child’s quiet book, and for the same reason — it keeps them occupied for a little while, and lets them calm down. I’m passing the idea on. Thank you so much!

  8. Shez

    Firstly, what a thoughtful granddaughter you are. Unfortunately, like you and so many other people, fully understand what the ravages of AD does to loved ones. I lost both my mother and mother-in-law to AD. It’s time more funding was given to stop this terrible disease in it’s tracks.

    A fantastic idea for creating your craft piece…amazing and thank you for the tutorial.

  9. Shannon

    Thank you so much for this idea. I’m stealing and putting one together for my mom, who has dementia. She too fidgets, pulling at strings that aren’t there and balling up her bedding. She’ll love this.

  10. Janet Richardson

    Absolutely brilliant idea. My mother passed from this dreadful illness last year. She loved a blanket, thank you so much for sharing your idea. I will make some and delivery them to the day program she attended.

  11. Avril

    Hi Leanne
    A lovely thing to do for your nan. Did you find that she had particular likes or dislikes of any of the items you included? I am about to start on my stash making some quilts for people in my local area and want them to be as effective and useful as possible!
    Thank you.

  12. Denise

    Loving this blanket
    I have worked many years with people with AD and it is an awfully upsetting for sufferers and their families . I trained in rreminiscences and made many life story books and memory boxes which went someway im helping with their memory loss.
    I will definitely make some of these to pass on to local care home
    Thank you. Xxxx

  13. Alice Harris

    I wish I had this pattern before, I lost my Nan to Alxheimer’s about 10 years ago I still miss her everyday she was not only my Nan but my best friend to watch her fade away was devastating. It is a terrible disease that no one should have or have to witness. Your blanket is beautiful and I am sure will help a lot of people thank you for your generosity in sharing.

  14. Sherry

    Leanne, thank you for sharing how you made this Figedy blanket. I just saw a FaceBook post about these, and I may have extra time on my hands since I am undergoing cancer treatment. So with the wheels turning in my head, I started looking for how to on this. I am thinking of getting a group of crafty women together so we can get donations for materials to make these lap versions, and perhaps through the local churches, or our own group take them to distribute to nursing homes, hospices in our areas. I want to do this at no cost to the recipients or their families. I am sure there are like groups. I wil do more research. Thanks again for sharing. Your Nana is blessed to have you.

  15. Lisa

    My niece just made one for my mom who is in a nursing home with dementia. She immediately started fidgeting with it and looking at all the ribbons and buttons and beads. It really is a wonderful thing to have. Thank you for posting this!

  16. Rebekah

    Is there anyway you could email me. I have a few questions about this. I family friend needs one for her mother and I want to make it for her. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you so much!


  17. Elaine

    This is a really good idea and very kind of you to make for your loved one. I belong to a small knitting club and, coincidentally, two weeks ago, we were told about (knitted or crocheted) “Twiddlemuffs”. A Twiddlemuff is basically a rectangle (about 12″ x 24″) then folded in half (widthwise) and sewn up the side seam to form the muff. (It then is double thickness for coziness.). Any scrap yarn can be used, and if the stitches (and yarn) are varied and dimensional (such as popcorn or bobble stitch), that makes it more appealing to the patient. The crafter sews on buttons, bits of ribbon, cording, jingle bells, tiny knitted/crocheted rectangular or square shaped bits (flaps) onto the outside of the muff. The inside can be left plain, but it’s nice if some tactile items are sewn on the inside as well. There are many examples and directions on Google.

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi… yes i know exactly what you mean 🙂 There is a knitting/crochet club on Facebook and as soon as i saw these twiddlemuffs i instantly fell in love. I think i should get making my lovely Nana one of these for her birthday x


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