A Coach Trip via National Holidays to Liverpool – ADULTS ONLY!

For 10 years me and Lee have never been on a Holiday together, were it was just us two. So when his 30th Birthday came around last week (23rd), I thought it was about time we had some “US” time even if it was for just one night.

I did want to get him a driving experience of maybes in a Ferrari Car or something similar to a Formula One car, but it was too far away and totally out of my Budget. I also wanted to surprise him with a trip, but as he works Full Time he needed to sort cover for work as he’s self employed… So I had to tell him what I wanted to do, and he loved the idea!

We have been on a few trips with National Holidays before. Last year we went to Legoland, Blackpool and Chester zoo. It was great that neither one of us had to drive and it also worked out a lot cheaper going by coach.

This time we booked up the Liverpool Spectacular, which included: Coach Travel, 2days in Liverpool, 1night stay in the Adelphi Hotel, Evening Meal and Entertainment of a Queen Tribute Act and Breakfast. All for a whopping £59.00 per Person, it would probably cost you more in Fuel!

At first I felt really guilty on leaving the kids behind… But I knew that there would be in very good hands with my mum and there was a time I did consider cancelling the trip until the Boys turned round and said “You have to go Mum, because we want some peace and quiet!” haha Charming.

Look at that beautiful Sunrise. I had to captcha this! as im never EVER up and out this early. It was fab watching the sun come up. Shortly after the coach came and we hopped aboard, heading for Liverpool!

We arrived at Albert Dock in Liverpool and so we had a few hours to have a look around the Dock and also the Shops!. There was some great views to be had, The albert dock is where This Morning use to be filmed. We did find some pictures of some well known Celebrities from Liverpool made from Jelly Beans! How cool are these?

The Adelphi Hotel is absolutely magnificent! Lots of well known people have stayed there, there also have a room that looks exactly like one of the 1st Class Smoking Rooms on Titantic!. The size of the hotel was Huge!!! and when we arrived so did another 3 coaches, so the queue to the lift was just manic. We thought “ahhh were young and fit we’ll go up the stairs!” yeh that was a bad idea, you don’t actually realise just many flight of stairs there was and we were on the 5th floor :/ We were both Knackered at the end of it.
We had a beautiful 3 course evening meal, followed by a Fabulous Tribute act of Queen! We thoroughly enjoyed it and we also enjoyed the Alcohol hehe

liverpoolAdelphihotelcakeandteaI must admit the little trip we had away together did wonders for our relationship!! So much so, that we have decided to finally get married this year!…


5 thoughts on “A Coach Trip via National Holidays to Liverpool – ADULTS ONLY!

  1. Michelle Davis

    it seems like you had a lovely time! I’ve always wanted to explore Liverpool, you’ve inspired me to get on and do it….and have fun with the wedding planning!

  2. Victoria Welton

    Oh Leanne that looks wonderful – what a fab idea for a trip and a complete bargain! I’m definitely looking into that! Congrats on the wonderful news too :). Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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