9th March – 15th March 2014 Week 11 – Project 365

Woohooo we have actually had some sun!! and ive even been in the garden sorting it out abit. I even had to water my outdoor plants as there looked abit Sun-Baked.. Poor things.

But hasn’t it been bloody lovely to actually be able to put away those thick coats and UGG’s.. well only for a few days, but you know it felt nice actually walking to the school in the warm sunshine for a change. Its surprising how much my whole mood shifted into pure happiness whilst it was sunny… It was great!

But in true Great Britain style were back to the freezing cold, winds and rain hhhmmmpppfff but it was great whilst it lasted and im soooooo ready for BBQ Weather 😀 Roll on Summer!

Anyways week 11 WOW im so proud of myself for still being here, but I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures anyways and at the minute I have trouble picking out my best one for that day, I think I take way too many… but I suppose more is good right? This week has been a mixture of alsorts… So here is our week in Photos:

project365 week11
09.03.14 – My Uncle Steve asked me if I could take up a pair of jeans for him, so of course I did! I cut the bottom off leaving about a 1/2 seam allowance on the hem and then trimmed the jeans to his size 29″ then stitched the hem back on with right sides touching. Turned them the right way and sewed along the edge. Pressed and there you go a re-hemmed pair of jeans with the original Hem… I love re-hemming trousers/jeans like this. He was sooo chuffed that he got me a HUGE box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray so thank you!.. Isn’t he lovely 🙂

10.03.14 – Im so proud of myself!. Ive actually managed to keep this flower alive for nearly 2 years! Now that’s good going, I originally bought it from Ikea from the Bargain section as it was almost dead :/ poor thing.. But somehow little old me has saved it and it continues to blossom all the time! Im terrible when it comes to plants, every plant apart from this ive managed to kill. Oppps but I think I may actually be getting this green fingered thing now. Isnt it Pretty?

11.03.14 – So because of the Sunshine I decided to go for a wonder with Layla. We went to see my mum at her shop and then went to Morrisons Supermarket to get Layla some more Nappies. On the way back we decided to take a little de-tour through our local park and have a look at all the Pretty flowers and listen to the birds. It was such a lovely moment to actually spend some really quality time just admiring the space around us.
project365 week11 picture 2
12.03.14 – We took the kiddiewinks to the local park with the spare left over bread as you do… It was great to just roam around the park whilst the boys just ran and ran (haha that tired the little buggers out!) Normally the birds don’t want to know you in the summer, as lots of people tend to go to the park and feed them, so they not hungry and therefore couldn’t give a toss that your stood there. Today was slightly different when 2 ducks decided to fight and chase each other for a scrap of bread, even though Ashton almost dunked an entire loaf in one spot :/ Strange little things.

13.03.14 – My oldest Daulton played his first football match today against another school. Im so proud of him (of course), he’s never really been a kid interested in football, he’s always liked cars. But since he’s getting older and his peers enjoy playing football during break times so Daulton has embraced this and even joined up to the after School Football Club! He loves it.

14.03.14 – So were building our very own conservatory, god its took some time!. We purchased the frame used in November and since then we have been building it up. We have finally gotten to the stage of getting the plasterboard on witht he metal trim round and the bandage down the seams. Its all ready and waiting for the Plasterer to come and work his Magic!!!

15.03.14 – The Plasterer came yesterday and plastered the Conservatory and the Porch. Heres the Conservatory drying… but now its just a waiting game, until I can get in there and lay the Floor tiles and paint!! Yup I say I.. Because its just solely me that shall be doing those jobs :/ I tiled our kitchen walls, so I have some experience but flooring is quite different though? fingers crossed it goes plain sailing haha

So how was your Week???

29 thoughts on “9th March – 15th March 2014 Week 11 – Project 365

  1. Family Fever

    The sunshine has made such a difference – lovely to see lots of outdoor pics from everyone this week! Your plant is lovely – such a pretty colour.

  2. over40andamumtoone

    I love Orchids, we have a white one that just keeps going, we don’t look after it properly but it just seems to love our maltreatment! #365

  3. Leanne

    Thank you… Oh its finally getting there THANK GOD!!.. Im sick and fed up now, the whole house is like a bomb site :/

  4. sarahmo3w

    Impressive to be taking too many photos and to have difficulty choosing! I’m not quite there yet! Also impressed at you taking up the jeans, go you! Bet you’re pleased with the progress on the conservatory.

    1. Leanne

      I feel for my kids, constantly having A Camera shooting at them, but im a total hoarder in all aspects and that includes pictures of everything haha… Oh im glad its almost finished.. Im sick of it now 🙂 x

    1. Leanne

      Thank you hunnie… Its been really lovely to admire it, even though it only lasted for a couple of days.. But it was fab! Hopefully it comes to you soon 🙂 x

  5. Jaime Oliver

    your conservatory looks super!! i would love one here but think it will be some time till we can get on xx

  6. Karen (@wouldliketobe)

    We are loving the sunshine too! Lovely orchid & very impressed with your DIY ambitions. Can’t wait to see how you do x

  7. jenny paulin

    it has been lovely having some days of no coat wearing – at times it was as hot as a summers day!
    blimey you are good doing the tiling and painting yourself! I can paint but unfortunately i get everything covered and not just the areas that need doing!!

  8. Elaine Livingstone

    the conservatory will be so useful when it is finished, We dont get much sun to our back door so would be pointless. Has been nice to see the sun, and football is a great hobby to get into.

    1. Leanne

      I cant wait till its done… Its going to be the kids play room, so there can do as there please in there, then we can just chuck the toys in there and close the doors haha. Our back garden is south facing so we get the sun all day long in there its a lovely sun trap 🙂

  9. Twice a mummy double the fun

    Lovely photos and well done building your own conservatory, we love our conservatory 🙂 #Project365 x

  10. ClearlyBex

    Lovely Photo’s from the week…. an orchid thats lasted 2 years?! I can barely get mine to live for 2 months! Well done you!!

  11. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    It’s amazing what a difference nice weather has on us.

    The conservatory sounds awesome and I bet it will be amazing when it’s finished


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