6Days and counting till Scan!!!

oooooo 6 days and counting for my scan. so happy its early on a morning, so im not having to wait allllllllllllll day for the scan to come around. Midwife said i have to go to the EPAU first… so ill turn up a slightly bit earlier just incase.
Well im knackered!!!, im exhaustered, i feel blurghhhhhh and my boobs i wish i could just chop them off! the pain is awful.. .but yeyyy for pregnancy symptoms lol
Lee is peeing me off, hes decided to up root all the downstairs floors, bearing in mind the kitchen one was huge porcelain tiles! and so there need bashing up and then the adhesive is stuck to the floor so that needs removing!!, oh the mess is just everywhere! Then he decided the floor needs to be better levelled and so there is cement everywhere trying our best to level the floor up grrrr… the house is upside down!, dust is everywhere. Im hoping its all sorted soon, i hate living like this¬† i suppose one good thing is that, all this house work is taking my mind off all things pregnancy/scans
right im off to sort some dinner and try an attempt to clean up this dust :/

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