6 MONTH PRAM REVIEW: Mamas & Papas Sola – Plum Petal

We have owned the M&P Sola since July 2013 and it has been regularly used at least twice a day. It has been on school runs, shopping centres, supermarkets, parks and on holidays.. Come Sun, Rain and Mud its seen it all.


Ive waited this long to write a Review about the M&P sola because I feel you get a real understanding of a pram that you have personally used over a matter of months than writing a review on Day 1 of receiving a it.


16th July 2013 *Its arrived!*…

Day1: Unpacking

The Sola arrived early on in the day and I was sooo excited to get stuck in!. Lee was out so I was on my own!. I put Layla in her bouncer with her dolly whilst I built it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I pulled the Sola out of the box, that most of it was already assembled! I just needed to take the packaging/plastic off it, attach the wheels and bumper.

It was up!!! it took in total 8minutes and no instructions was necessary, although there are of course included.

Our First Test Run:


Our very first test run was successful. When I bought the Sola, I also purchased the matching liner to pad out the seat a little as Layla is only 12weeks old. That was also easy to attach as the harness separates to allow a liner or cosy toes to fit securely.

On first inspection Layla loves looking at the flowery pattern inside the hood and she also has lots of room. The seat is quite large and long, so it should last. The Harness is easy to operate by simply overlaying both sides and then popping it into the bottom section. To release simply press on the rubber piece and the harness pops out, I do prefer this type of harness than that of those buckle types which can give some nasty nips to fingers.

My only con of the Sola so far is that the shoulder straps are too long, even when its on the shortest length, which you can see in the pictures above. I did initially think that maybes Layla was too small for the seat, but I doubled checked on the age that the Sola is suitable for and it does clearly state that its suitable from birth. So I weaved the straps through to the back and up through the 2nd harness slot and this made the straps fit Layla much better.

August 2013 *Month 1* – Out & About

We certainly given the Sola a good run out this past month. We have been pretty much all over as its the school holidays. Including Ikea, Flamingoland and celebrating Ashtons 6th Birthday Party in the Glorious sunshine.

Layla must find the Sola comfortable as she usually falls to sleep whilst strolling along. So far we have only used the lay flat and mid way reclining positions and both of those she falls asleep in.

The footrest has so far been in the upright position as her legs are still tiny and so it gives them somewhere to rest on.

Even though we have had some glorious sunshine, Layla has been very well protected with the HUGE hood/Canopy and its also very quiet when you adjust it, which is a good thing as Layla is a very light sleeper and as that saying goes “let sleeping babies, SLEEP!”.

My only hmmmpfff with the Sola is that when you fold it up to go in the boot of the car, I have to turn the seat unit forward facing. Which is a pain because with Layla being still little 4 months old, I have of course her facing me.

September 2013 *Month 2* –

Layla is now 5 months old and is just starting to like sitting up. The seat is so easy to adjust its backrest, the lazy way to adjust, is simply just pull the hood and the seat will come up and to recline it there is a little handle that you squeeze together on the back of the seat and then release again when you’ve got the correct position.

The Hood is HUGE and does offer a lot of coverage from the sun. It comes right over when shes sat fully up and it has a lift up flap so you can have a quick peek in without having to lift the hood all the way up, although when adjusting the hood its silent!

I bought Layla an elasticated Taggy bumper bar cover from Ebay and she loves playing with the tags. The bumper bar is at a nice height that you can get a baby and a folded over footmuff underneath with plenty of room to attach toys it to. Its also Gate style opening, which will be fab for older children who can climb in and out themselves.

October 2013 *Month 3* –

Were now into October and living in the North East of England UK, Its basically winter! Its cold and its time to get Layla a Cosytoes/Footmuff to use on her Sola to keep her snug and warm.

When I first purchased the Sola back in July, it was the height of summer and I needed a parasol rather than a cosytoes, so I never even thought to buy one at the time. Fast forward a few months till now, She needs one. So I head straight online to buy the matching footmuff and im surprised to find every other footmuff but the Plum Petal one. I contacted M&P via their Facebook to learn that the Plum Petal Footmuff had been discontinued for some time now way before I had purchased the Sola in July. I was gutted, as I have a slight OCD in that things must match. I tried everywhere to track one down and everywhere was sold out.

Im not one to be deterred so I made I my own custom fit Footmuff, with Velcro at the top to keep the footmuff secure and in position, it has purple cord outer fabric with soft fluffy pink fleece inside. I think Layla quite likes it as shes forever taking a nap in her Sola.

With the weather being rather rubbish now, I have been using the Sola mainly as a travel system by putting the Adaptors and her Maxi-Cosi Pebble Carseat on for quickness. Its so easy to do and takes seconds, plus you can also fold the chassis with the adpators in place… Its fab!

November 2013 *Month 4* –

Layla loves to sleep in her Sola but she does also like being quite high up that she can see the Lights on the Christmas tree or watch the Fireworks on Bonfire Night. She always looks so cosy and so far hasn’t complained about being in her Sola.

Ive recently noticed a horrible creaking sound on the Sola. At first I thought it was just because it was new, but its gradually gotten worse, to the point going in a Straight line the noise goes right through you:

I contacted Mamas & Papas via their Facebook Page and got quite a fairly quick response! within 2 days of me raising my concern with the chassis, I received a new one! Excellent Customer Service, cant fault it at all.

The Newer chassis feels a lot sturdier and doesn’t creak hooray!

December 2013 *Month 5* –

M&Psolapramreviewmonth5Now into December and we have had the chassis for a matter of a couple of weeks and its starting to creak again :(. I cleaned the whole pushchair and gave the moving parts a spray of silicon and it seems to of helped.

We have done lots of Christmas Present shopping and its surprising at how much we can get actually get in the shopping basket.

So of course lots of shopping equals lots of trips in the car. The Sola folds as one piece, but only Forward facing. It folds really quickly and locks together once folded. It is a little bulky and a little on the heavy side, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a Travel system Pushchair.  It fits nice and snug in the boot of a 2006 Renault Megane.

January 2014 *Month 6* –

We went to Ikea and it was the first time I had Layla facing forwards and she absolutely loved it as she could see her Big Brothers running about in front of her. It felt so strange for me, as usually we chat away together, but she really liked it.

Well the Creak on the 2nd chassis got as bad as the 1st one… I thought I could live with it but its sooo annoying and now there is a Clunking noise coming from one of the Back wheels. I took my Sola back to the Mamas & Papas shop where I originally purchased it from and there agreed to me exchanging it for something else.

It was a very sad day 🙁

Overall –

I absolutely LOVE the Sola!!! Out of the hundred prams ive had in the last 9 years. This one fits the bill for: value of money, It feels sturdy, A comfortable ride for little one, easy to use, travel system ready if you choose too, large sun-canopy and lots of summer and winter accessories available.

I would suggest that if you do buy your Sola in the Summer, do try to buy the footmuff at the same time to avoid disappointment and it being discontinued by the time it comes to winter and needing it.

I must of been unlucky with getting a problem chassis not once but twice, but if I hadn’t of had this issue I most certainly wouldn’t of changed it.

11 thoughts on “6 MONTH PRAM REVIEW: Mamas & Papas Sola – Plum Petal

  1. Family Fever

    What a fantastic in-depth review. Have heard a lot of good things about the Sola. Thanks for linking up with #triedtested

  2. Colette B

    What a great review – love the way you’ve broken it down over time 🙂
    Thanks for linking up this week

    1. Leanne

      Thank you :)… Sometimes you just cant give a thorough review on day one of owning a pram… It takes time to find out exactly how it handles 🙂 x

  3. Jaime Oliver

    wow you cant beat that for customer service and when your paying a lot for something and its transporting some thing precious it needs to be xx

  4. rebeccabeesley

    that is such a pretty pram! really good to hear about the good customer service too #triedtested Rebecca@TheBeesleyBuzz


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