5 Easy way's to Upcycling your Old Wooden Furniture

Easy ways to Upcycling Furniture

Today I Upcycled our Wooden Furniture TV Unit, we purchased this yesterday off Gumtree as a Preloved Item. We bought it cheap, very cheap in fact but it did look abit tired and may i say, abit old’y world’y… But we couldn’t be fussy as similar Units Brand New from a Shop were around £250-£300!!! that just wasn’t in our price range at all… So we had to settle for something that did the job just the same and wouldn’t break our bank balance.

The TV Unit is for our Conservatory that we have been putting together for the last 4 months! Its going to be used as a Games/Toy room for the kids so this Unit will be perfect to put the TV on, Xbox one inside the cupboard and then all the games and leads that im hoping will be neatly stored away, but your talking about my kids here, so that will never happen! ha ha

Upcycled Furniture Before

Here’s the Unit BEFORE i did anything at all to it. It was dusty with lots of dirt on the top and corners mainly. The Handles were metal which looked like little door knockers, the draw one was fine, but the door handle was broken off.

Upcycled Furniture Clean it up

First things first, Clean it up!… Don’t underestimate the power that just soapy water and a scourer can achieve!. I added a squirt of washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water, armed with a scourer i scrubbed the unit clean. Then with clean warm water i went back over with a soft cloth to make sure that i had got all the dirt and grime.

The handles just didn’t do this unit justice, so those were whipped off by unscrewing them from the back.

See how great this looks already???

Then use a good spray of Non Silicone Wood Silk, which gives wood a glorious sheen and Luster.

Upcycle Furniture Wallpaper

I have loads of wallpaper left over from wallpapering the back wall in the Conservatory. So far i have made a Beautiful Butterfly Photo Frame from the Wallpaper…. So i decided to add a splash of colour by adding wallpaper to the front of the draw. If you don’t have any wallpaper lying around, you could nip to any local DIY store and get a sample piece of your choosing to use.

I used lots of Pritstick glue on the front of the draw, then stuck my piece of wallpaper over it. Using a sharp craft knife i cut off the excess.

Using a small precision screwdriver i went through the back of the draw through the hole where the screw sits for the handle and pushed through. Then i simply screwed the handle on.

Upcycled Furniture After

I then added some Static Fake looking Frosted glass Film. I did this because were putting the Xbox One in the conservatory i didn’t want it to be on total view to everyone and plus there do kind of look abit ugly :/ (ssh don’t tell my kids i said that ha ha)…

The Film is sooooooooo easy to apply, simply measure the area you want to apply it to, then spray the glass with water, remove the protecting backing paper from the film and put it on. The water is there to help you slide it into the correct position you want and then using a squeegee smooth it out so there’s no water underneath or air bubbles.. if you don’t have one of those, just use a credit card like i did.

Heres my 5 Easy ways:

  1. Clean your furniture
  2. Spray with Polish or add oil
  3. Add some Co-Coordinating Wallpaper
  4. Replace Handles for New ones
  5. Apply Glass Film to obscure

So that’s my 5 Easy ways to Upcycling your old wooden Furniture…

Have you Upcycled Recently?

15 thoughts on “5 Easy way's to Upcycling your Old Wooden Furniture

  1. Twice a mummy double the fun

    How beautiful, well done you. I wish I could do something like this x #sharewithme x

  2. Colette B

    Well done you! I love the idea of upcycling stuff but I never feel I’ve got the skills!

    1. Leanne

      thank you… you should give it a whirl hunnie, i just did the very basics… but i have HUGE plans for my dressing table, like repainting it, bigger mirror etc.. 🙂 x

  3. Super Busy Mum {Debs}

    You did such a great job! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial with the #MadMidWeekBlogHop


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