3days and counting till scan!!!

I’m sooo excited, I just can’t wait! I’ve been stupidly reading up on the odds of having 2 blighted ovums! It does happen, but the chances are very very rare! I hope I’m not in the rare category! Anyways let’s not think about that, it can’t happen and won’t happen again! I’m going full term this time lol
Well today I’ve had a productive one hahahaa… We levelled the kitchen floor today! Bloody hard work, but it’s drying lovely and off to buy the dining and kitchen floor in the morning woop woop, so I’ll get that laid hopefully start it tomorrow! Might have it done in the next couple of days… Went food shopping, tidied up and cleaned more dust away grrrrr… Then bought a bum genius nappy on eBay heheh oh and some bamboo liners lol…
Then tonight just browsing the newly added section and came across a pink lining yummy mummy bag, these usually retail for about £70-80! Brand new… The bag is used, but it was only £22.00! And gorgeous! How could I resist? Im kicking myself now for buying it too early, but I couldn’t resist! I’ll upload the link

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