26th Jan-01st Feb 2014 Week 5 – Project 365

Yay January has been and Gone! and the Tax Man has been paid for another year! Grrrr Even though ive said goo riddance to January, I cant believe that were into February already!… But another month closer to hopefully sunshine and warm weather, getting abit sick of this cold, wet and miserable existence that’s called winter.

So with further a do here is our week5:

26.01.14 – We escaped the kids and went to Liverpool for the night!… First time in 10 years! I think it was a very well deserved Mini Break. so we got a Selfie pic hehe

27.01.14 – We couldn’t be bothered to cook haha… so we went to Morrisons for tea! The kids eat free on a week night and the boys always love eating there, Daulton is showing off his straw? don’t ask haha

28.01.14 – Layla has a Pram fetish! poor child, think she’s got that from me. Everytime she crawls about on the floor she ends up either under her pram or fiddling about with the front wheels, its a good job ive got a Pram Cleaning OCD so the wheels are always nice and clean :/
29.01.14 – Layla tried to feed herself a yoghurt today, but I think more ended up on her face and in her hands… Oh and down the side of her highchair.

30.01.14 – I recently bought Layla a Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff for her Bugaboo Pram and its soooo lovely and warm! we went to Morrisons and spotted a Grey and Pink Hat! I just had to buy it, purely because it matched her Pram (I know, I know its totally sad lol)

31.01.14 – Were still trying to master this crawling business. Backwards is still her number one method of getting about, she’s nearly there, she can get up on all 4’s and kind of rock… Hopefully next week I can post a pic showing her going forwards lol

01.02.14 – The weather is pretty bad here, the wind is blustering, its raining and living on the North-East coast we get to see the weather in all its glory. So Lee who is an avid keen storm tracker person (not sure if theres a correct term for this), took us all out in the car to watch the waves come over the harbour… Layla seemed sooooooo excited she fell asleep hehe

22 thoughts on “26th Jan-01st Feb 2014 Week 5 – Project 365

  1. Family Fever

    Max has JUST learnt to crawl forwards, he has been going backwards for ages lol. She will soon master it – then she can get to the pram wheels even faster lol 😉

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    I love watching storms so therapeutic somehow. Amazing how soon they learn to crawl, look forward to seeing the advancement over the coming year. Hope you enjoyed your time away by yourself.

  3. Clearlybex

    Lovely photo’s from the week hun, I must remember to take my terrible two to Morrisons for tea sometime soon! #lazy

    1. Leanne

      We love Morrisons! and value for money its great. We usually end up there at least once a week. Food always tastes sooo much better when its not cooked by you 🙂

  4. jennypaulin

    according to my Mum I crawled backwards first for ages before i went forwards! well done to you and your man for managing a night out together i hope it was good fun x

  5. brinabird and son

    Well deserved night out for you guys! Such great pics of your wee one. She looks so nice and cosy in the last one no wonder she fell asleep 🙂 The hat was so a necessary purchase definitely.

    1. Leanne

      Yup, Its only on weeknights and you get a free Childs meal with every adult Meal 🙂 We usually get the 2 for £8.00… Bargain x

    1. Leanne

      See I didn’t think so, but Lee was like “seriously?? your buying a hat for her because it Matches her pram!?” I knew it was just a Man thing hehe x

  6. My Monkeys Don't Sit Still

    Sounds like a much need break to Liverpool! Well done! Jan has gone so fast like you say! #Project365

  7. Nikki Thomas (@stressymummy)

    Good for you having a weekend away, I can’t remember the last time we did that. Gorgeous photos


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