23rd Feb – 01st March 2014 Week 9 – Project 365

Woohoooo were into March! and getting closer and closer to summer!!! 😀 Not sure if you can tell but im kind of happy its coming soon! lol

We didn’t really do a lot this week, I did a few crafts to keep my fingers busy like:

project365 week9 1st picture
23.02.14 – The boys wanted to make Pancakes!!.. They love pancakes and as soon as they see all the pancake mixtures, treacle etc hitting the supermarkets shelves.. We cant leave there without buying the ingredients!. Im not a lover of Pancakes, there just taste like rubber to me. But Daulton and Ashton really like them especially with treacle and Nutella spread on them.

24.02.14 – Layla having 1 of her mid morning naps and I glanced down at her and thought “This girl just melts my heart!!!” Even though she’s 10 months going on 11, I still look at her in disbelief that after 3 years of trying to conceive her she’s actually here!! and don’t we know it! lol

25.02.14 – My Granda was de-cluttering his cupboard which is full to the brim of EVERYTHING!… Its always been that cupboard of mystery, as kids we could never enter it.. and now were adults we cant enter it because you cant actually get in there. He pulled out this picture, that none of the family had ever seen of him as a baby!… This picture of him sitting still is 81years old!!! Its sooo uncanny how my kids when little look like him! 🙂
project365 week9 picture 2
26.02.14 – I was practicing some more with my Camera and managed to grab this beautiful shot of Layla on her mid morning Nap… This seems to be the only time I can actually grab a picture of her, as now shes crawling everywhere shes off, before I can grab my camera.

27.02.14 – Ashton got an award today for his Times Table… He came out of school with a HUGE smile across his face!!! He was sooooooo Happy to get a Certificate.. Although he was abit miffed he didn’t get Silver lol

28.02.14 – Layla is growing up soooo quick :(… She pro-tested going into her Bath Support seat so much that I just plonked her in the bath without it! and she seemed to enjoy the bath much more as she could shuffle about in the water 🙂

01.03.14 – Whoever invented these GORGEOUS Chocolates, needs a Gold award for Excellency haha… But why did there have to make them soooo addictive and you cant eat just one, its impossible! Hate to admit this: but I ate that whole bag to myself in an hour :/ That’s pretty bad right?

How was your week???

14 thoughts on “23rd Feb – 01st March 2014 Week 9 – Project 365

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    my lot would eat pancakes 7 nights a week, probably because mum does not make them, and they love making them themselves. She is very cute asleep!!
    The old pictures are amazing to look at and see the family resemblance . They are also very precious as few people took pictures back then. My blog is my keepsake for my kids instead of a photo album

    1. Leanne

      The boys school are really fab for doing certificates/reward charts etc… It really gets them engaged and plus it makes them practice practice when home as there always want to get a certificate! 🙂 x

  2. Jaime Oliver

    sounds like you had a really nice week this week .. the picture you captured while she was sleeping is stunning honey x

  3. PODcast (@The_Doves)

    Sounds like a good week (sorry to be behind commenting!). Love that shot of Layla sleeping, just gorgeous! You should definitely try banana and Nutella pancakes – they are divine 🙂


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