20weeks & 6days Scan – Anomaly Scan

20week scan This scan ive been a nervous wreck for, i got the NT scan results which were Low Risk, but still you worry sooo much incase there is anything wrong as this scan is a very in depth one.

But im soo happy to report that everything is as it should be, baby has 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 hands and 2 feet. Everything is measuring as it should. Baby wasnt co-operating to show its face lol as you can probs see from the scan baby has its hand covering its face. But the sonographer got a clear shot of its nose and lip and so that rules out a Cleft lip.

We did ask for gender reveal if possible and even before i went into the scan i just knew that baby wouldnt co-operate! and yup i was right…. Baby had its legs crossed over and lifted up to its chest, so the sonographer wouldnt even take a guess as what she could see could of been a girl or a boy. But im glad she didnt just take a wild stab in the dark, just incase. But i was a tad gutted that i couldnt find out, right ok i was abit more tad disappointed lol as i was hoping to come home and buy something either pink or blue. But my baby was healthy, measuring as it should not too big not too small… That was good enough for me 🙂

Here is a Break down of the scan:

Gestation: 20 weeks 6 days
Scan Reason: New Anomaly
Placenta: Posterior
EDD: 30/04/2013 (CRL)
Fetal Heartbeat: Present
Site: Clear of OS
Fetus Ref: 1 of 1
Featal Head: Normal
Heart: Normal

EFW: 374.0g

FL: 34.88 mm
HC: 186.17 mm
AC: 153.18 mm

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