1st Consultant Appointment – 14weeks

1st Consultant appointment today, im suppose to be under Dr Robertson, but apparently hes off on the sick for a few months and so basically ill end up seeing anyone, who is available… Im not particulary bothered, aslong as i see someone and there keep a good eye on me and my baby, im happy with that.

Midwife Notes:

Date: 30/10/2012
Time: 09:30am

Weeks Gestation: 14
BP: 124/64
Urine: NAD

Consultant Notes:

Follow up / Action Plan:

  • Referal to Dr Nath (Neurologist James cook hospital)
  • Referal to Aneathetist
  • Elective C-Section at 39weeks
  • R/V after 20 week Scan

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