1st-4th January 2014 Week 1 – Project 365

Ive seen a lot of the blogs I follow participate in the Project 365 last year and I really wanted to do it myself, but thought it was best to wait till when the New Year came and then start at the Beginning of 2014… So here is my 1st ever Project 365 Post.


01.01.14 – My Granda came up to ours (he only lives 3 doors down lol so were very close!) we had New Years roast dinner and more Christmas pudding YUM. After dinner we all just sat back in the sofa watching the boys playing on their Xbox one. Layla absolutely adores Great Granda Brian and she just sat on his knee for ages whilst he sang to her.

02.01.14 – Layla sat so happy and content in her Cot whilst I put her clothes away, I couldn’t resist snapping this pic!

03.01.14 – The boys have always wanted to make their own pizza and we’ve always been too busy or its been too late to sit down and do it… but this year ive vowed to make EXTRA special time. So whilst out shopping we found the ingredients and brought them home, they faces lit up when we told them!… Here is what there made and it got a thumbs up from them both.

04.01.14 – Today I tried a healthy approach to breakfast, Oats, dollop of natural yoghurt and a handful of berries… Hmm I wasn’t a fan… The berries tasted so sour and I just couldn’t eat anymore than a mouthful 🙁 I think I need to sweeten them up… But I wont give up! I will try again 🙂

12 thoughts on “1st-4th January 2014 Week 1 – Project 365

    1. Leanne

      Thank you… she is a right granda’s girl and I think she holds a special place in his heart. He was my rock when going through my miscarriages and when I had doubts and fears whilst pregnant with Layla. He also knew she was a girl! although he did insist on calling her mary ellen lol 🙂 x

  1. jennypaulin

    good luck with the project 🙂 your daughter looks so hapy in her pretty cot and my two like making pizzas too x

  2. TheBoyandMe

    That breakfast looks very healthy and yummy! Your little girl is such a sweetheart, and I’m looking forward to seeing much cheekiness from your boys!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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