18th August 2013 – 10DPO Positive Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test 10DPO 3weeks


So My Internet Cheapy Pregnancy Tests didn’t come yesterday and i was really gutted!!! as i just knew i was Pregnant… But i was trying to control myself in NOT going to Boots and paying loads for a Pregnancy test… When your trying to conceive over 3 years Pregnancy tests soon become the bane of your life and sure as hell cost a lot.

Today i sat and anxiously waited for the Postman to come. I had already saved my First Morning Urine as that is the most concentrated, so i figured that if i was going to get a positive test then this would be the best method. Only i collected that urine around 7:30am and by the time Mr Postman arrived it was going on 11am.

As soon as the Postman arrived i rushed straight upstairs. I sat on my bedroom floor with my cup of urine and a Pregnancy Test in one hand. Normally i just dart right in there and tentatively sit and watch whilst the test does its business. This time however was different, i just sat there for at least 5 minutes just trying to collect my emotions, having had miscarriages only weeks beforehand, i was heartbroken and in that moment i thought am i really ready for this? What if I’m not pregnant, is another child not meant to be? what if i am Pregnant though, i might miscarry again?…

Eventually i realised that whether i was Pregnant or not, i needed to know either way for my own sanity.

I dipped the test, laid it down and walked out the room, i just couldn’t sit and watch it… I just couldn’t do it to myself. I wanted a very clear yes or no answer, i didn’t want to slowly watch the dye pool across the strip to then eventually show the control line and then nothing or something.

After a couple of minutes i returned and i did one of those excited little dances whilst saying OMG OMG over and over.

I wasn’t too convinced though, (i know I’m mad lol) so by this point i needed to pee again, and dipped another test (bottom test) and as you can see this is MUCH darker than the tests i used with my first morning urine.



Im so happy to say that this Pregnancy was a complete success and Layla was Born at 38weeks via C-Section on the 16th of April, 2013

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