16th Feb – 22nd Feb 2014 Week 8 – Project 365

Wow cant believe were almost at the end of February! Where the blinking heck has the last 2 months gone???

Although to be honest Ill be glad to see the back of this horrible wet miserable weather we call winter, I NEED Summer ASAP.. I want to sit in my back garden enjoying the sun all day long 🙂

project365 week8 1st picture
16.02.14 – Layla is well on her way Crawling, shes even confident enough to pull herself up on things, her favourite thing is my Plug in Air Freshener. I think its because it has lights on the top which shows which fragrance is being used?

17.02.14 – The boys have been looking forward to the Release of the Lego Movie in 3D, Here there are sitting patiently in the Cinema waiting for it to start.

18.02.14 – Layla had a new first today, Ice-lolly!!! She loved it, which I thought she would. She’s not very well at the minute though, she’s full of snots.
project365 week8 picture 2
19.02.14 – Today I needed to go to post off the Kids old clothes at the Post Office. Now normally I cant get the boys off the computers, so I literally made them come with me!! No if’s no Buts. On the way home we went through a Recreational Field and the boys ran and ran just after the picture was taken. That seemed to do them the world of good!

20.02.14 – Another 1st for Layla this week, I usually walk everywhere when possible or I take the car. Daulton came to the town with me and my Mum. But bless him he was knackered and kept going on and on about getting a bus home, so how could I refuse? Here we are on the Bus.

21.02.14 – I made my own Mug, well I didn’t actually make the mug but I drew on it with my Sharpie Black Marker Pen. Its suppose to be Our Family lol.. Im not the best at drawing, as you can probably see.

22.02.14 – She’s fascinated by her ToyBox!!!.. So I plonked her in it, she loved it!

So overall we’ve had a ok week, nothing overly exciting! How was your week???

25 thoughts on “16th Feb – 22nd Feb 2014 Week 8 – Project 365

  1. Family Fever

    I love the toy box shot. Max also tried icecream for the first time this week, and even had the exact same lolly as Layla lol. It features in my round up post this week too.

  2. 76 sunflowers

    The sharpie on a mug thing works then? 🙂 I’m so with you on the need for summer. Lovely pics of your gorgeous kiddies x

  3. Tales of a Greenwood

    I love the mug and think it is great *makes note to buy a sharpie* lovely picture of Layla in her toy box, funny what the enjoy isn’t it!

  4. Leanne

    Thank you… 🙂 Im on the hunt for more coloured Sharpie Pens, im thinking Plates and Bowls? :)… Layla is constantly crawling over to her toybox or she will try and climb over the settee to get into it. So I thought she might aswell sit in it! I think its her best place hehe x

  5. jennypaulin

    awwww i remember when my two were small enough to sit inside the toy box at my mums house – they are too big now!! the mug design is really good – you could make them for a living it is fab! x

    1. Leanne

      oh yes!!!… I thought her obsession with the box was because her toys were in it… so ive pulled them all out, for her to still try and climb up it… she just likes to sit in it :/ lol

  6. Leanne

    Thank you :)… Jaime, she’s not very well/sore throat.. but I wish it was because it was boiling outside and we needed to cool hmmmppfff 🙂

  7. Stressy Mummy

    Aw she does not look very impressed in that ice lolly photo. We used to have a toy box like that, it’s funny how they love sitting in things like that, my daughter constantly sits in the washing basket and makes it into a den. I love the mug, what a clever idea

  8. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Love the shot with the ice lolly 🙂 And the one in the toy box is very cute. We must go to the Lego movie, feel like the only people who haven’t seen it!

    1. Leanne

      Thank you… Oh you should, just try and block out the theme song which is constantly played throughout.. Im still stuck with it in my head! 🙂 x

  9. Shell Louise

    The mug is excellent, I love it! The toy box shot is great, I loved getting photos of mine sat in boxes, washing baskets etc!


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