12th-18th January 2014 Week 3 – Project 365

Well week 3 has been a pretty boring one, Layla hasn’t been sleeping well at all! so in turn im knackered and officially classed as a “MOMBIE!”. I haven’t even had the time or energy to plough into my little blog or keep up to date with my Favourite Blogs 🙁

So im hoping for a much better Week 4! 😀


12.01.14: We took the kids swimming as part of a session there do at our local swimming pool, which is purely just for families only. This was Laylas first ever swimming experience since being born (I went swimming whilst pregnant with her). She absolutely LOVED it!, which I thought she would as she loves the bath and even cried when we got out!

13.01.14: Lee was teaching Layla to stick her tongue out!. All day she kept doing it and pointing to it hehe, even stuck out her tongue to Nana and Great Granda

14.01.14: So because last week was just a total write off, I couldn’t be bothered to make myself anything half decent to eat, so 2 slices of lovely soft white bread with crisps in the middle will suffice! Tasted bloody lovely 🙂


15.01.14: Picked up the boys from school and Layla’s face always lights up when she sees daulton and ashton. They always lean in and give her a smooch. This day she decided that Ashtons hair looked rather fun to play with and started hitting him on the head :/

16.01.14: Trying to get Layla to crawl!! and we failed miserably, shes 9 months now and totally refuses to move :/

17.01.14: We went into town with my mam today and Layla pinched Nanas scarf and found it very funny!

18.01.14: We went to Mamas & Papas today to take back our pram, I bought it 6 months ago and it started making a horrible noise when pushing it, so they sent me a replacement chassis, and within a week it started again. So we took it back and got a New Pram 😀 We got the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 in Black with Bright Pink Fabrics!!! I wonder if we will still get comments of “awww aint he cute!” ermmmmmm lol

30 thoughts on “12th-18th January 2014 Week 3 – Project 365

  1. brinabird and son

    Gorgeous pics of such a little cutie! Nothing beats a crisp sandwich sometimes…I love to put them in peanut butter sandwiches 😮 #365

    1. Leanne

      I lurveeeeee my crisp sarnies, I usually put cheese in there. But I couldn’t even bebothered for that, so I just had crisps! 🙂 ooo peanut butter haven’t tried that in there before, think ill try that x

    1. Leanne

      hehe, she quite likes it too, although I wish Lee showed her how to do something else as everyone gets the sticky out tongue action lol x

  2. jennypaulin

    i LOVE the term Mombie – that is brilliant i must remember that one! although sleep deprivation is not funny i know (hugs) mmmm at your crisp sarnie making me hungry now! x

  3. Honey Mommy

    You may laugh, but I didn’t know what “crisps” were and had to go look it up! Guess I am missing out here in the U.S.!

  4. Nikki Thomas

    It is so hard when you have one that isn’t sleeping and you have my sympathies. You have taken some gorgeous photos thought

    1. Leanne

      Oh you must there Gorgeous!… I usually have Cheese with it, but that day I just couldn’t be bothered lol so crisps it was! hehe

  5. would like to be a yummy mummyaren

    Not munch fun without sleep hope it gets better. I’ve had the bugaboo all in bright pink for 3 girls and still had comments of “aaahh isn’t he cute” or “is it boy or girl?”hee hee but it’s a Great pram x

  6. PODcast (@The_Doves)

    Aww some adorable photos Leanne – love the one of Layla with her tongue out. Fabulous. Haven’t had a crisp sandwich for a long time *ponders making crisp sandwich*

  7. Mummy Whiskers

    Great photos, I love the word Mombie, definitely describes me at the moment! Can’t beat a crisp sandwich with white bread, I’m drooling now!

  8. Me and the tiny three

    I love these photos, lexi-Arizona has started pulling her brothers hair when they lean into the buggy to give her a kiss


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